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Transmission Repair in Urbana, MD

On a Mission to Repair Your Transmission

Your transmission is a hardworking component of your vehicle and critical to your auto’s ability to move. Simply explained, it transfers the correct amount of power from the engine to your wheels, shifting gears to control speed. If it malfunctions, you’re likely going nowhere fast. So when that happens, we’re on a mission to repair your transmission and restore your ability to travel conveniently as quickly as possible. Conveniently located in the Urbana community, you’ll find Dynamic Automotive at 8824 Urbana Church Road, Urbana, Maryland. At the first sign of trouble, call us at (301) 874-8833 or use our handy online tool to schedule an appointment to have your transmission checked.

Warning Signs of Transmission Trouble

We’re here to take care of transmission service and repair for you, but some warning signs let you know it’s time to bring your vehicle to us immediately before you incur further damage. One signal may be an illuminated dashboard light. A check engine light can mean many things, not just transmission trouble. If the light is on, let us determine the exact nature of the issue (transmission or otherwise) and correct it for you. Also, odd noises could point to a potential transmission issue. These include whining, humming, or clunking. Unusual new feelings (grinding or shaking) as your car goes through the gears may also signal a transmission problem.

Additionally, you may experience a delay between the time you press the accelerator and when the auto actually moves. You may also notice that your vehicle doesn’t want to change gears, or you may feel them slipping. This occurs when the transmission moves between gears or goes into/out of gear on its own, a very dangerous occurrence. Further, you may notice a dragging clutch in a manual car, meaning that the clutch doesn’t disengage as it should. If you’re smelling something burning, it’s possible the transmission fluid could be overheating and burning, particularly if the fluid is old. Finally, you probably have a leaking transmission if you see reddish colored fluid puddling underneath your car.

Your Local Neighborhood Transmission Repair Shop

If you’re looking for a convenient, reputable shop for transmission repair, look no further than Dynamic Automotive in Urbana, Maryland. Our certified technicians are not only highly trained and experienced, but our shop is also a winner of multiple awards. Better yet, we even guarantee our work with a warranty. To preserve your ability to obtain great auto care close to home, we are training the next generation of transmission repair experts through our apprenticeship program. Further, we go beyond the personal service we offer you to participate in or sponsor events that contribute to our entire community’s greater good. As we’re transforming our town and your transmission, we look forward to assisting you soon.