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Tire Services in Urbana, MD

Tire Maintenance Experts

It’s easy to overlook your tires. You get in the car, and they roll. But in reality, tires are one of the most important safety features on your vehicle. Therefore, they shouldn’t be overlooked. Bring your auto to Dynamic Automotive in Urbana, Maryland. Our certified technicians are experts at performing all needed tire services, and we sell new treads, too. If you live or drive in the Urbana area, our location at 8824 Urbana Church Road will likely be convenient for you. You can reach us at (301) 874-8833 or by using our online scheduling tool. Even if you’re tired, your tires shouldn’t be. Stay safe. Let us give you a rest and keep your tires fresh.

Safe Tire Guidelines: Maintenance and Repair

Tires are critical because they’re the point of contact connecting your auto to the road. What could be more important? It’s a good idea to keep tires checked and in suitable, roadworthy condition. Some maintenance points are simple. For instance, you should make sure your tires have sufficient air pressure (but are not overfilled) according to manufacturer’s recommendations. Also, keep a check on tread depth. The bare minimum should be 2/32 inch, but don’t assume that it isn’t time for new tires until you reach that small measurement. If you aren’t comfortable monitoring these points yourself, we can assist you with that.

Tire Rotations & Balancing

To get the most of your tire investment, your tires need to be rotated and balanced on a regular schedule. We can also take care of more complex services that impact tire wear such as wheel alignments. Our professionals can help you with a flat if it’s safe to repair the tire. If not, we’ll honestly tell you that, too. Finally, when it’s time for that new set, we’ve got you covered. We sell and install most major brands.

Types of Tires

When you’re ready for your next set of tires, you have some options. Providing a comfortable ride in a variety of weather conditions and seasons, touring (grand touring) tires have an asymmetrical tread pattern. Likewise, all-season tires have this versatile tread pattern with grooves to enhance traction in wet conditions. Performance tires feature even larger grooves along with lateral cross channels to handle water. They’re often rated for higher speeds, too. As the name suggests, summer tires are not suitable for winter snow and ice, but they work well in both wet and dry conditions in the absence of freezing temperatures. Competition (racing) tires are an on-track option, but they are not for general street use.

Drivers of trucks and SUV’s have six choices when purchasing tires. Highway tires are all-season, but they’re designed to handle the required heavier load. Performance truck tires have the same all-season pattern, but they come with a higher speed rating. Trail or all-purpose tires, also made with all-season tread, are more rugged and can handle a variety of surfaces. Tread blocks make all-terrain tires better for off-roading, and mud-terrain tires have blocks large enough to drive on soft mud and sand. However, they offer a less comfortable ride on traditional road surfaces. Because of their durability and versatility, ribbed tires are the choice of many commercial drivers. Finally, winter tires are an option for drivers who live in cold, wet areas.

Services in Your Neighborhood

Whether you need routine tire maintenance or you’re in the market for a new set, you have a one-stop-shop just down the street. Dynamic Automotive in Urbana, Maryland, is your award-winning provider of outstanding tire and customer services. For extra peace of mind, we are proud to offer our customers an optional Tire Road Hazard Protection Plan with each purchase.