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Maryland State Inspection in Urbana, MD

Compliance, Not Complacency

Nobody sets out to drive an unsafe vehicle, and everyone hopes to avoid a traffic citation for illegally driving an unregistered car. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your auto is in compliance with the Maryland Vehicle Administration (MVA) requirements. Instead of becoming complacent about safety and legal requirements, bring your car to Dynamic Automotive in the Urbana area, 8824 Urbana Church Road, Urbana, Maryland. We not only perform state inspections, but we are also equipped to make relevant repairs should any inspection points be out of compliance. We are easy to reach by using our convenient online scheduling tool or calling (301) 874-8833.

Vehicle Inspection Requirements

Maryland inspection addresses the major safety and environmental systems, including the braking system, lights, suspension system, tires, emissions system, etc. You’ll find the full checklist on the MVA website should you want to view it prior to your Dynamic Automotive visit.


Like most places, Maryland requires that your vehicle be inspected before it can be registered. Because Maryland Vehicle Inspections are thorough, you will need to allow adequate time for one of the certified technicians at Dynamic Automotive to complete the work. The average inspection takes between one and two hours. Once your vehicle has passed inspection, you will be provided a report to show the results. MVA’s copy (green) may be given to you in physical hardcopy, or the inspection station may submit it electronically for you.


Should your vehicle not pass inspection, we will help you through the re-inspection process. You have 30 days with less than 1,000 miles of driving to make the needed repairs to bring the vehicle into compliance. You need only to reinspect the element(s) that were out of compliance after the auto has been repaired, so you save time and money. However, if you surpass those limitations, you will be required to start the inspection process again.

Inspection Services and Related Repairs

As you might imagine, the state’s requirement for inspection helps ensure public safety. Although inspection cannot account for driver error or other hazards, vehicles that meet minimum standards are less likely to pose a risk to you or other drivers around you. We share MVA’s concern for you, so we offer both inspection services and the related repairs you might need to bring your auto into compliance. Therefore, if you’re new to the state or acquiring a new-to-you car, congratulations! We look forward to serving you at Dynamic Automotive in Urbana, Maryland.