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Fleet Service in Central Maryland

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Dynamic Automotive in Frederick, MD performs the area’s most complete and comprehensive maintenance and repairs for your fleet. Your vehicles are meant to be productive and on the road. During routine business, the last thing you want to worry about is an inoperable vehicle. Unfortunately, too many fleet owners wait until something goes wrong with one of their vehicles before bringing it to Dynamic Automotive. The wise thing to do is to have a highly-trained and experienced auto repair facility service your entire fleet at once. You want the money to keep rolling in, and you want your organization to be as productive as possible. That’s what our team is here to do for you and your fleet. Our ASE Certified technicians can fix any repair needs and provide any maintenance services for your vehicles. We’ll get you road-ready and keep you on schedule. When your fleet’s on the road collecting miles, the chances of a repair need greatly increase. However, with a routine maintenance schedule designed for your fleet, you can avoid those costly repairs and breakdowns. Bring your fleet to Dynamic Automotive and we’ll your dedicated fleet service provider. We strive to go above and beyond with every auto service for your fleet. Our team treats our customers like family. Your fleet will receive all the proper service and attention to keep it running stronger and longer.

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With our clean and consistent oil change services we’re able to protect and preserve your fleet’s engines. Since your fleet is expected to be on the road a lot longer than a regular vehicle, our technicians will adjust service plans to your specific needs. Fuel efficiency is another concern for your fleet. Our team makes sure you’re not losing money in fuel costs because of a need for an oil change. We’re interested in protecting your fleet for today and tomorrow, extending your fleet’s road-life as long as possible. The most important safety component for your vehicle is the braking system. With our quality brake checks and repairs, we can ensure that your drivers and cargo are always safe. Dynamic Automotive has the team you need, so you can completely relax and concentrate on business. We take pride in knowing that you’re able to succeed and prosper stress-free because we’re taking excellent care of your fleet. Any repairs should be brought to the team at Dynamic Automotive, hopefully we’ll already be your go-to repair shop. Once we get to know you and your fleet, you’ll notice enhanced driving experiences, as well as improved service experiences. Give us a call today to schedule your fleet’s repairs and maintenance services. If you’d like to schedule an appointment right now, use our convenient online scheduling system.

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