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Wheel Alignment in Frederick, MD

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What Is a Wheel Alignment?

Is your vehicle experiencing rapid tire wear, crooked steering, or squealing tires? It may be due for a wheel alignment, and we can assist here at Dynamic Automotive. As your go-to repair shop serving Frederick, Maryland, you can count on our team of trained technicians and state-of-the-art equipment to get the job done right in an efficient manner.

A wheel alignment is the process of adjusting the angles of the wheels to original manufacturer specifications. Proper alignment ensures that the tires meet the road at the proper angle, the tires are centered in the wheel wells, and the wheels are pointing straight. When you bring your vehicle in, our technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle’s suspension system and diagnose the source of misalignment. Generally, misalignment is caused by an issue with the camber, caster, or toe. Camber measures the inward/outward tilt of a tire; caster references the forward/backward angle of a tire; toe determines the inward/outward tilt of a tire from a bird’s eye view. We will also check the vehicle’s steering angle sensor and reset it if necessary.

Three Types of Alignment Service

We can perform three main types of alignments in our repair shop: front-end/two-wheel alignment, thrust-angle alignment (the thrust angle is the measurement of the rear axle’s angle compared to the centerline of your vehicle), and four-wheel alignment. Front-end alignment makes adjustments to the front axle; thrust-angle alignment is a combination of a front-end alignment and thrust alignment to ensure all four wheels are in unison; four-wheel alignment combines the processes of front-end and thrust-angle alignments and also positions the rear axle. The type of alignment your vehicle needs depends on its suspension, which we’ll be able to determine for you.

When to Get an Alignment

When your vehicle’s alignment is off, your tires, handling, and steering are all negatively affected. There is no set timeframe for when a vehicle’s wheels need an alignment, but it is recommended every two to three years if you notice signs that alignment is off. Misalignment is distinguished by uneven or rapid tire wear, noisy or vibrating steering, off-centered steering when driving straight, and pulling to the right or left. An impact can throw your alignment off-balance on the road, such as hitting a pothole, going too quickly over a speed bump, getting into an accident, or bumping into a curb. Aggressive driving, bent or worn suspension parts, or hauling heavy loads can also trigger the need for alignment service.

It’s important to keep an eye out for signs of misalignment. If you start to notice any of these symptoms, please reach out at (301) 662-3300 for further information and set up an appointment. We at Dynamic Automotive are here for you for all your auto needs and will do everything we can to restore your vehicle to its original condition. We look forward to serving you here at 11 Byte Court, Suite D.