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Check Engine Light in Frederick, MD

A Breakdown of Your Car’s Check Engine Light

Understanding the Check Engine Light

Has your check engine light recently come on, and you’re wondering what to do next? Leave it to the professionals here at Dynamic Automotive in Frederick, Maryland. Our repair shop is located at 11 Byte Court, Suite D, and we are more than happy to look at your vehicle and determine what triggered the engine light to illuminate in your dashboard.

The check engine light, also known as the “malfunction indicator lamp,” became mandated in 1996 and newer vehicles to decrease vehicle emissions. These models feature second-generation onboard diagnostics (OBD2, OBD-II); OBD1 technology is present in vehicles from the 1980s and early 90s, but it only monitors certain systems dependent on the manufacturer. The OBD2 system is responsible for monitoring the car’s entire computer system, and if an issue is detected, the respective diagnostic trouble code is stored in the system, and the light comes on. Our technicians then retrieve this code using special diagnostic equipment (usually a scan tool or code reader) and use it as the foundation for determining the exact problem.

Is It Serious?

In some cases, yes. There are multiple reasons why your check engine light can turn on, which is why it’s important to bring your vehicle in for a thorough inspection for correct diagnosis. It could be as simple as a faulty or loose gas cap or as serious as needing to replace the catalytic converter. The light itself can determine the range of severity—if it’s flickering in a steady pattern, it’s a more serious issue that should be taken care of as soon as possible. If it’s a steady glow, we still recommend bringing your car in at your earliest convenience. The longer you wait on a problem, the more potential it has to become serious or even irreparable. In any regard, the engine light coming on should prompt a trip to our service and repair shop for a full inspection.

What Does the Check Engine Light Mean?

Replacement of parts is the most common route to alleviating OBD problems. The parts that need replacement most often as a result of the engine light include the ignition coils, spark plugs, oxygen sensor, mass airflow sensor, fuel injector, or thermostat. Bad wiring, failing sensors, and module or data network complications can also trigger it to come on. At Dynamic Automotive, we’ll run a full diagnostic to isolate the complication and take the necessary steps to establish the exact cause and provide a solution. Our expert technicians have extensive experience with this type of car repair, and their thorough background of training and education position them as leaders in the repair industry.

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