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Computer Diagnostics in Central Maryland

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Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Whether your Check Engine Light mysteriously comes on, or you experience any kind of problem with your vehicle , the Master Certified Technicians at Dynamic Automotive understand your frustration and are here to help.

Today’s cars and trucks come equipped with a very advanced computer system that monitors and controls the systems in the vehicle. Even the slightest issue can cause the computer system to alert you with a Check Engine Light. When this happens, you shouldn’t wait too long before getting it checked out since even a minor problem can turn into a major problem when neglected.

Dynamic Automotive takes the guessing game out automotive diagnostics with our advanced computerized automotive diagnostic equipment. Our expert ASE Certified Technicians are highly trained with this equipment, linking your vehicle’s on-board computer system to retrieve any trouble codes your car may have stored. Our technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your vehicle, pinpoint the exact problem, and confidently recommend the repairs needed to get you back on the road safely and reliably.

With 5 locations throughout the Frederick, MD area, highly trained technicians, and the latest computerized diagnostic equipment, Dynamic Automotive has what it takes to be your auto repair facility of choice. Stop in today!