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Maryland Apprenticeship Ambassador

Why Apprenticeship? That’s an easy one. We need highly educated technicians to maintain and repair the vehicles of today and tomorrow. Apprenticeship is a tool that helps us do just that. The Automotive repair industry needs new blood to fill in the gaps from an aging labor force that is starting to retire. We have partnered with the State of Maryland to create our apprenticeship programs that run consecutively, laying out a career path from day one.

A big problem for us was getting young minds and their parents interested in the automotive field. It’s a stereotype that this is a dirty industry and you cannot make a good living doing this. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are more lines of computer code in today’s car than in the F35 strike fighter, a lot more. The most advanced military aircraft has 35 million lines of code. Today’s new vehicles have three times that. You need continuing education to be able to repair and diagnose these complex systems. These Apprenticeship programs help to do just that.

We have implemented both the Youth and Registered Apprenticeship programs to create a clear career path for our apprentices. We wanted a path that can start in High School and transfer into college/mentorship and continue to build year after year with their education.

A student can start with us in the Youth Program during their junior or senior years of high school. This program allows them to earn credit for school while working and learning with us. “Earn while you learn.” We have a guided path laid out to give experience and knowledge to the apprentice while working. It’s a great way to see if this industry is for you.

Our Registered Program is much more in-depth and structured to promote growth and learning in an automotive career. We have a three-year plan that is a real career path that lays out which colleges classes they will attend, hours they will work, and even when and how much their compensation will be out in front of them.

After completion, the learning never stops. The plan is to place the apprentice in one of our multiple locations, working alongside our team of experienced ASE Certified Technicians. It’s a great environment and culture to develop into a top-tier technician. Training will continue indefinitely in this profession. Vehicles change every day, and we need to stay at the cutting edge of that technology. Apprenticeship is not designed to create a job….it's intended to foster a career.