Class List - Dynamic Automotive

College Class List

What Classes To Take

CollegeClassesNameCredit Hours
CCBCAuto100Intro to Auto Tech5
CCBCAuto101Servicing Heating & A/C4
CCBCAuto126Repairing Brake Systems4
CCBCAuto131Servicing Auto Electrical & Electronic Systems4
CCBCAuto136Servicing Auto Electrical & Electronic5
CCBCAuto141Servicing Auto Engines – Related Systems4
CCBCAuto151Repairing Auto Automatic Transmissions5
CCBCAuto156Repairing Auto Manual Transmissions4
CCBCAuto161Repairing Auto Electronics5
CCBCAuto171Repairing Auto Suspension4
CCBCAuto231Repairing Auto Engines5
CCBCAuto241Repairing Auto Engines – Related Systems5
 ACDV101College Development1
CertificateClassesMaster TechnicianCredit Hours
MCAuto099Basic Auto Maintenance2
MCAuto101Intro to Auto Tech3
MCAuto111Engine Repair4
MCAuto130Manual Drive Train5
MCAuto140Suspension & Steering5
MCAuto161Auto Electric 14
MCAuto180Basic Engine Performance4
MCAuto200Auto Tech Practicum1
MCAuto220Auto Transmission5
MCAuto263Chassis Circuits4
MCAuto264Hybrid.Electric Vehicles2
MCAuto270Auto HVAC4
MCAuto282Engine Performance 24
MCAuto283Engine Performance 34