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Engine & Transmission Repair in Central Maryland

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The engine serves as the vehicle’s power source by converting energy into mechanical motion. All the other components within a car only distribute that energy. Thus, without its engine, a vehicle would be nothing more than a series of unanimated gears and joints encased in metal. An internal combustion engine generates energy through the combustion chamber. The result is that expanding gases push a piston downward and this movement is converted into a rotary motion by the crankshaft. Other components of the vehicle then direct this energy to the wheels. The entire process is synchronized by a timing belt and a timing chain, with an accessory drive belt assembly providing energy for systems like HVAC and steering. Many things can go wrong during the course of this process that can greatly affect the drivability and safety of your vehicle. If you are experiencing any issues with your engine or your check engine light is on, bring it in as soon as possible and have the problem diagnosed.

You can trust the professionals at Dynamic Automotive to expertly repair or replace one of the most important parts of your vehicle – its engine. With 6 locations to serve you, years of experience and countless satisfied repeat customers, you can feel confident in choosing Dynamic Automotive. Give us a call today!