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Kia Repair

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Professional Kia Servicing

For knowledgeable, qualified, and efficient Kia service, turn to Dynamic Automotive. We’ve been serving the fine residents of Maryland since 1995 with expert car care. We proudly offer a long list of Kia repair and maintenance services that keep your gasoline or hybrid Kia car or SUV in top-performance condition. Our ASE-Certified technicians are experts in all services and use a combination of their expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and commitment to car care to ensure accurate, efficient results. In addition to our service capabilities, we offer loaner cars and shuttle service for longer service visits, financing, specials, towing assistance, and podcasts. Because we’re dedicated to providing top-tier car care, we run a digital vehicle inspection with every service to ensure your vehicle operates at its fullest potential. See us today for Kia repair or maintenance at one of our 6 locations in Emmitsburg, Frederick, Libertytown, Mount Airy, and New Market. We can’t wait to work with you soon.

Timely Kia Maintenance

Kia models are meticulously designed and constructed. To ensure yours retains its integrity, routine maintenance is a must. Our auto repair facilities offer all types of routine maintenance, including oil and oil filter changes, tire rotations, wheel alignments, tire balances, fluid changes, filter replacements, tune-ups, and more. Each service is integral to your vehicle’s overall performance, so staying on top of each is important. For example, regular coolant flushes are vital for maintaining your vehicle’s performance and preventing a potential overheating engine and damage. We have your best interests at heart and will follow your manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedule to a T. If needed, we will adjust service intervals based on your vehicle’s age, mileage, and condition. We want you to get the most from your Kia, and regular maintenance helps guarantee that. For a complete look at our maintenance offerings, contact our Kia repair and maintenance team at one of our 6 locations.

Efficient Kia Repair

If your Kia Sorento or Optima experiences a problem, entrust the specialists at Dynamic Automotive! We have vast training and experience in troubleshooting and addressing minor to pressing car problems. We follow a strict inspection and repair process for every service we take on, ensuring the right fix the first time, and adhere to Kia guidelines every step of the way. Common problems Kia drivers report encountering include faulty electrical components, malfunctioning timing chains, engine issues, faulty fuel systems, and bad ignition coils. Rest assured, we can fix virtually any issue with the engine, transmission, brakes, suspension, exhaust, electrical, heating, and air conditioning. We also offer a three-year/36,000-mile warranty with all Kia repairs we conduct. We strongly suggest bringing your vehicle in as soon as you notice something may be wrong; a small problem now is always easier, quicker, and more affordable to fix than one that gets neglected. Reach out to our Kia repair team today to learn more about how we can help!