Tire Road Hazard Protection Plan Details| Dynamic Automotive

Tire Road Hazard Protection Plan

Under this optional tire road hazard protection plan, Dynamic Automotive will provide additional coverage to any tire purchased & installed by Dynamic Automotive, against tire failures caused by road hazards such as nails, screws glass, or almost anything else that could puncture a tire during the course of normal driving on state or county maintained roads.

The tire road hazard protection plan is valid from the date of purchase though the tire manufacturer warranty or when the tread depth reaches 3/32 of an inch, regardless of the age.

In the event that your tire(s) should fail due to a road hazard, our tire road hazard protection plan will repair the tire free of charge.

In the event the tire(s) is not repairable, the tire road hazard protection plan provides a credit based on the remaining usable tread at the time of failure due to a road hazard.

Credit is determined by the remaining usable tread multiplied by the current price of the tire. “Usable tread” is defined as the original manufacturer tread depth minus 3/32 of an inch.

Eligibility for warranty coverage is determined at Dynamic Automotives sole discretion.

The tire protection plan will be void if any tire is repaired or modified in any way by a person or party other than Dynamic Automotive.

This road hazard protection plan does not provide compensation for inconvenience, consequential, and/or incidental damages and does not replace, extend or modify the manufacturers’ warranty, and/or that the tire(s) sold and installed by Dynamic Automotive cannot fail.

Tire Road Hazard Protection Plan Conditions

To keep the Tire Road Hazard Protection Plan active. The purchaser must
rotate and balance the tires per vehicle and/or tire manufacturer guidelines.

The purchaser must maintain proper tire inflation pressures outlined by the
vehicle manufacturer and the purchaser must keep all mechanical parts that
affect the tires in proper working condition.

What is not covered by the Tire Road Hazard Protection Plan:

  • Damage or Failure due to:
  • Vandalism and/or Theft
  • Accident
  • Mechanical components on the vehicle
  • Snow Chains and/or studs
  • Racing
  • Off-Road Use
  • Over-inflation or Under-inflation
  • Commercial use
  • Misuse
  • Negligence
  • Striking curbs
  • Tires installed on any other vehicle than the vehicle they were originally installed
  • Not the original owner of the vehicle tires were originally installed

*Run Flat Tires can not be repaired and do not qualify for the Road Hazard Protection Plan