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Guaranteed Auto Repair Service

Dynamic Automotive’s four Frederick locations continues its 20++ plus years tradition of quality auto repair services. Vehicle owners in the Frederick, MD area should be well aware of the Dynamic Automotive brand of service. We strive to go above and beyond for all of our customers, who we treat more like family. Your vehicle’s optimal performance and reliability is what you need out of every driving experience. We use clean and consistent preventive maintenance to make sure you stay ahead of any costly repairs and breakdowns. Our team is here to perform any auto repairs that you need, but we prefer helping you avoid them altogether.

The secret to our quality auto services is a carefully designed maintenance plan. With routine inspections during maintenance services, our team will recognize any potential problems and take care of them. Our technicians will consider your vehicle’s age, your driving habits, and the manufacturer’s recommendations when designing your unique service plan. Our ASE Certified techs are using the industry’s most advanced tools and equipment to perform all repairs and maintenance services. We’re a highly-trained team of technicians, always ready to meet your auto service needs.