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Youth Apprenticeship Program

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Youth Apprenticeship Program

Our Youth Apprenticeship Program is the door for someone that is considering a career in the Automotive Repair and Service industry. We have partnered with the State of Maryland DLLR, Frederick County Public Schools, Career & Technology Center by enrolling in the Youth Program to bring students still in high school wanting some direction and a pathway to a careerin the automotive industry. The Youth Apprenticeship Program allows you to earn while you learn. You are allowed to work as a part of your required school credit, and you get paid for it.

This is an excellent program for someone who’s looking to gain experience and awareness in this industry. This program lasts up to 2 years, requiring a minimum of 450 hours and one year of classroom instruction. We have an outlined training plan that lets the apprentice understand what will be expected from them, what they will be required to learn and what they should be able to do once they have completed the program. They will work with other technicians and mentors to give them hands-on experience and advice to help them in the learning process. Once completed the student receives a state certificate along with their high school diploma.

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Youth Apprenticeship FAQ

You will need to apply with your Guidance Counselor / Work Study Coordinator. They have set dates when they accept applications for the program. If we have any openings we will post a job on their portal that you will have access to and can apply there.

The Youth Apprenticeship Program is for Junior and Seniors in High School. The Registered Program is for after high school and the apprentice will attend college classes.

When we have openings they will be posted. Youth Apprenticeship and Registered Apprenticeship will be posted on our website, local workforce services, and Maryland Department of Labor for 30 days.

No, you do not have to be enrolled at CTC but you need to be a junior or senior at Frederick County Public Schools.