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Transmission Repair in Frederick, MD

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Reputable Transmission Repair

For all your automotive transmission needs, turn to Dynamic Automotive serving Frederick, Maryland. Transmission problems can range in severity, but our technicians are here to ease your worries and guide you along the way toward successful transmission repair regardless of how minor or major it may be. We have the expertise and equipment needed to accurately diagnose the issue and provide a solution to get your car back to running like new!

What Are Signs of a Bad Transmission?

Often, you’ll be able to recognize if there is a problem with the transmission. Signs of a bad transmission include not being able to shift into gear correctly, feeling or hearing the shift, or having trouble moving right away or getting up to speed. Excessive heat from the transmission is another indicator, as are excessive vibrations, unusual sounds, leaking fluids, a burning smell, and poor performance overall. The check engine light can also illuminate on the dashboard if the on-board diagnostic system detects a problem with the transmission. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s important to bring your vehicle in sooner rather than later to prevent more severe or additional problems from occurring.

Types of Transmission Repair

You know what to look out for—but what is actually happening? The transmission is a complex system from a mechanical and electrical standpoint, and the cause of the problem isn’t always clear-cut. This is why we encourage prompt action when your vehicle starts showing signs of transmission problems. Transmission components that commonly need repair or replacement include the driveline, axle, clutch, flywheel, and driveshaft/u-joint. For computer-controlled transmissions, issues can span from faulty sensors to incorrect signals to bad connections. We are equipped to handle both simple services such as fluid flushes and more intricate jobs like a total transmission overhaul. If you frequently experience stop-and-go city traffic, rough road or weather conditions, heavy towing, or high speeds, you may need transmission repair more often.

Why Trust Dynamic Automotive

Regardless of your vehicle’s transmission type, the key to optimal transmission performance is regular service, which we are happy to do for you here at Dynamic Automotive. Our technicians receive extensive training to ensure their workmanship is up to industry standards, and they are always more than happy to walk you through the transmission repair process. We back our work 100%, which is supported via our exclusive 36-month/36,000-mile warranty with each service. Our customers are top priority, which is why we do our best to accommodate all situations with digital vehicle inspections and the ability to speak with one of our technicians on our downloadable app. Through our app, you can send photos or videos of any car troubles, ask questions, request towing, and more!

For transmission service or transmission repair, contact us today at (301) 662-3300 to set up an appointment or to ask us any questions. We are always more than happy to help! We are located at 11 Byte Court, Suite D and look forward to your visit!