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Oil Change in Urbana, MD

Essential Maintenance for All Makes & Models

One of the most important preventive maintenance service points for your vehicle is a regular oil change. After all, cars are expensive, and you likely want yours to last a long time and perform reliably. You also need your ride to get you to your favorite spots like the local Italian restaurant or the beach. At Dynamic Automotive in Urbana, Maryland, we want to partner with our Urbana community neighbors to get the best out of cars for years and miles to come. To schedule your appointment for oil change, use our convenient online form or give us a call at (301) 874-8833. You’ll find us just down the street at 8824 Urbana Church Road.

Is An Oil Change Really Important?

Yes, oil changes are very important! Fresh motor oil functions inside your engine in three ways. It lubricates the moving metal engine parts to reduce friction, suspends dirt to keep parts clean, and absorbs/removes some of the heat generated by the engine. Once oil ages–a result of time, mileage, and sometimes driving conditions–it can no longer perform as it should. This so-called “breakdown” of oil can all too quickly lead to a premature breakdown of your car. Why? Improperly lubricated parts rub against one another (metal to metal), damaging the parts and allowing tiny metal shavings to sluff off and circulate. Further, tired oil can no longer hold debris particles in suspension away from the moving parts, creating the potential for further damage. Finally, the oil loses its heat absorbency, allowing your engine to remain hotter longer and possibly leading to warping or deterioration. You can actually often see the results of this process. That black goo hanging around your engine–sometimes visible even outside the power plant–is sludge, a harmful conglomeration formed by the old oil and unsuspended dirt/shavings. How long will your auto continue to run well in that condition?

Recommendations and Choices for Oil Change

Your vehicle’s owner’s manual will contain the manufacturer’s recommendations for the frequency of oil change as well as the specific lubricant you should use. If you drive under unusual circumstances or if your car has been left sitting a long time, our certified technicians will be glad to discuss an alternative oil change schedule with you. If you live near the Urbana area of Urbana, Maryland, your simplest choice is to bring your car to Dynamic Automotive, where we’ll help you maintain your vehicle with convenient oil changes and great customer service.