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Wheel Alignment in Urbana, MD

Align Your Wheels

Perhaps you’re driving one day when it dawns on you that something isn’t right. It hasn’t been for a while, and as you gradually struggled more and more, you didn’t recognize how much the problem was increasing until today when you couldn’t ignore it anymore. You’re fighting with the steering wheel to keep your car straight, or the auto is pulling to one side as you drive, or you suddenly see how worn your tires are in some spots–and not in others. You need a wheel alignment! The issues won’t improve on their own, so don’t ignore them. Instead, call Dynamic Automotive at (301) 874-8833 or use our online scheduler to make an appointment. You’ll find us at 8824 Urbana Church Road in the Urbana community of Frederick, Maryland. While other people hope to solve problems by “waiting for the stars to align,” we’ll help you fix yours by performing a proper wheel alignment.

Wheel Alignment 101: A Basic Explanation

A wheel alignment isn’t a haphazard repair. Rather, our technicians consider the kind of car you drive to determine the proper technique. All wheels need to be aligned on an all-wheel drive or front-wheel drive with an adjustable rear suspension, while some others usually need only a front wheel alignment. (Note: Sometimes the rear wheels will also need a thrust-angle alignment to adjust them relative to the car’s center.) In either case, a wheel alignment orients the moving parts by squaring the axles and wheels. Your technician will adjust the major suspension angles of camber, caster, toe, and thrust. Camber is the amount of tilt to the right or left, and caster is the slope of the imaginary line drawn through the upper and lower ball joints, which impacts steering. The distance differential between the back and front of the front tires is called toe. Thrust is the relative position of the front wheels to the rear axle. The wheels can move as intended again once a technician corrects the problems with the vehicle’s angles, straightening the steering and the steering wheel.

Everything to Lose, Everything to Gain

Any number of factors can contribute to misaligned wheels. Perhaps you’ve encountered deep or numerous potholes along your path of travel. Maybe you’ve hit the speed bump at the entrance of your neighborhood one time too many or a little too hard. Possibly, you’ve even been involved in a fender bender. The car is drivable, there’s hidden damage you can’t see. You can’t avoid everything, and the situation is not necessarily your fault. The results, however, don’t bear blame. They simply progress without regard to drivers, costing you performance, fuel economy, and tire tread life. You have everything to lose by delaying the professional attention your auto needs and everything to gain by having a wheel alignment performed at Dynamic Automotive in Urbana, Maryland.