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Auto A/C Repair in Urbana, MD

Service That Guarantees Your Comfort On the Road

Regular A/C Service

There’s nothing worse than getting into a hot car and realizing the A/C isn’t working properly—or working at all. At Dynamic Automotive in Urbana, Maryland, we’ve helped customers with varying degrees of A/C issues. One thing we always recommend to our customers? Bring your vehicle in for regular A/C service! A lot of the time, you can prevent an issue from developing in your A/C system in the first place. Regular A/C services include system inspections, cabin air filter replacements, and A/C recharges. We can perform each service according to manufacturer guidelines. Did you know you can also help keep your A/C in proper working order? Run your A/C system at its highest setting weekly, and keep the grille at the bottom of your windshield clear of debris. Doing so keeps all components in optimal condition, preventing harmful materials from entering the system and creating clogs. For more information, contact our auto A/C repair and maintenance team today.

Auto A/C Repairs

A/C systems can experience a range of issues due to parts wearing, breaking, or malfunctioning. Signs your A/C may have something wrong with it include insufficient cooling, lack of cold air, weak airflow, strange odors, and unusual noises like grinding, rattling, or squealing. When you first notice one of these symptoms, it’s important you seek us out for auto A/C repair promptly. We can address the issue and get you back on the road—comfortably—in no time. Common problems that affect A/C systems include refrigerant leaks, faulty compressors, bad evaporators, malfunctioning blower motors, mold or mildew growth, worn belts, and blown fuses. We have vast experience in diagnosing and treating all sorts of A/C problems, minor to severe. When you bring your vehicle in, we will thoroughly inspect and run diagnostics to pinpoint the issue. From there, we will create a repair plan, discuss the details with you, and get to work. We also back our auto A/C repairs with a three-year/36,000-mile warranty for your peace of mind. Find out more by contacting us today.

Benefits Beyond A/C Repair

Whether you need a new cabin air filter, A/C recharge, or a new compressor, you can expect high-quality results at our auto repair shop. Our ASE-Certified technicians use state-of-the-art tools and technology in all auto A/C repair and maintenance services and factory-grade parts. We conduct a digital vehicle inspection every time you come in for service, ensuring your vehicle’s major components are in proper working order. We want you to get the most out of your vehicle and do everything we can to guarantee that. Additional benefits of working with us for your auto A/C repair and maintenance needs include our shuttle service, loaner cars, towing assistance, financing options, and regular service specials. We also record our own podcasts! Learn more by calling us at (301) 874-8833 or stopping by! We are conveniently located at 8824 Urbana Church Road, Frederick, MD 21704.