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Check Engine Light Repair in Urbana, MD

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Have you ever been driving along when you noticed that the check engine light had come on? If so, you know that this tiny little dashboard light can make your heart beat a little faster and give you cause for pause. What’s wrong? Is it serious? Can I make it to a safe location? All these questions and more run through your head. Before you panic, bring your vehicle to Dynamic Automotive in the nearby Urbana community of Urbana, Maryland. You’ll find us waiting for you at 8824 Urbana Church Road. Yes, you can continue driving the car to get here, but no, you shouldn’t ignore the warning over the long term. It won’t get better on its own. So if the light is on, call us at (301) 874-8833 or use our online tool to schedule an appointment.

Common Check Engine Light Triggers

Although a variety of culprits can cause the check engine warning, our technicians frequently see a pattern of common causes.

  • Often, an oxygen sensor, the part that measures exhaust for the amount of unburned oxygen it contains, goes bad. This causes your car to burn more fuel and operate less efficiently. Without replacement, a faulty oxygen sensor can cause damage to spark plugs and the catalytic converter.
  • Also, as simple as it sounds, a loose, damaged, or poorly fitting gas cap can allow fuel to evaporate or leak and trigger the check engine alert.
  • The catalytic converter could be the problem, as well. This part can cause the warning light to illuminate and lead to poor engine performance, decreased gas mileage, and perhaps even a hotter engine temperature.
  • The mass airflow sensor measures the amount of air going into the engine so that the correct amount of fuel is added to achieve ideal combustion and performance. If it goes bad, your vehicle doesn’t perform as well, gas mileage is reduced, and the check engine light likely displays. Left unchecked, it can ultimately lead to oxygen sensor, spark plug, or catalytic converter damage.
  • Another issue is aging or damaged/worn spark plug wires. These are necessary for igniting the fuel-air mixture inside the engine’s cylinders, and their ailing condition can hurt performance and economy. Faulty wires can even sometimes damage oxygen sensors, ignition coils, and the catalytic converter if left unrepaired.

Breathing a Sigh of Relief

If your auto’s check engine light has you worried, you can breathe a sigh of relief when you bring your vehicle to Dynamic Automotive in Urbana, Maryland. A certified professional mechanic will connect your car to an OBD-II reader to obtain a universal trouble code, using the information along with personal experience and expertise to pinpoint the exact problem and remedy it. Proper repair will correct the problem, preventing further damage, and allow your auto to pass Maryland State Inspection should you need to sell it or transfer the title. So let out that breath you were holding, and bring your vehicle to us.