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Transmission Repair in Emmitsburg, Maryland

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Transmission Services We Provide

A car’s transmission is built to be durable, strong, and long-lasting. Some drivers will never have to worry about their transmission, but that doesn’t mean they’re invincible; things can still go wrong from time to time where you require transmission repair. Here at Dynamic Automotive serving Emmitsburg, Maryland, we have experience working with all types of transmissions, including manual, automatic, continuously variable, and dual-clutch. With support from our certified repair technicians, our auto shop conducts all transmission services. A fluid check is one of the most common. If it is clear and red, the transmission is in good working order. If the fluid is discolored or has an unpleasant odor, we will do an internal inspection to check for internal wear or damage. We can also check for slipping, noises, and erratic shifting by taking it for a drive, and also dive a little deeper to examine different items such as the throttle linkage, transmission mounts, pan, and electronic controls to ensure everything is in optimal condition. For a full list of services we can do for you, reach out to our team at (301) 447-2800 for further assistance!

Types of Transmission Repairs

Professional transmission service means better lubrication, improved friction management, and reduced heat. The result? Your transmission works better and lasts longer, making it far less likely that major repairs will ever be required. However, an issue can arise even with the best cared-for transmissions. Here at Dynamic Automotive, we perform all transmission repairs for the major components, such as the driveline, axle, clutch, flywheel, driveshaft, U-joint, and differential. Common problems we see are fluid leaks, torque converter issues, damaged solenoid, and clutch complications. If the transmission issue is irreparable, we may recommend a transmission rebuild or complete transmission replacement. We can take care of both in our auto repair shop, but rest assured we will tire out all our other options before we even suggest replacement. We utilize advanced diagnostic tools and technology to troubleshoot transmission problems, and we are confident we will be able to fix your transmission!

Signs of a Bad Transmission

Automatic and manual transmissions often present their own set of signs that something is not right and warrant transmission repair. Automatic transmissions tend to shake or grind, whine or hum, slip gears, and fail to engage or respond in gear when there is a problem. If there is an issue with a manual transmission, take note of any difficulty when shifting, whirring or squealing sounds, gear jumping without your input, and gears that get stuck. Both types of transmissions also contain a fluid. Unlike engine oil, transmission fluid should never burn off and should be replaced on a regular basis (every 30-60,000 miles). Should a leak occur with the fluid, you’ll see a puddle of red liquid under the car, usually under the middle or front. If you start to experience any one of these auto transmission problems, pay us a visit at 20 Creamery Way. Get the transmission repair your car needs, today!