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Maryland State Inspection in Emmitsburg, MD

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What Is the Maryland State Inspection?

Dynamic Automotive serving Emmitsburg, Maryland, is proud to offer support for all your automotive needs. From routine maintenance to total repair, we do it all. We even conduct the Maryland state inspection here in our shop! This state inspection is required prior to vehicle registration for when you buy a car, move into the state with a car, or have a title change. Vehicles that must undergo the inspection are passenger cars, light SUVs, and trucks that weigh less than 10,000 lb. Trailers must also be inspected if they measure less than 20 ft. Certification is only possible at an authorized inspection station, and we’re thrilled to fill those shoes. The inspection’s main purpose is to ensure all included vehicles are regulated to the emissions and road safety standards set by the state. Our ASE-certified technicians are properly trained and qualified to perform the Maryland state inspection, and they do so with efficiency and accuracy.

Overview of the Inspection Process

As a certified Maryland state inspection facility, we have access to the specialized and state-of-the-art computerized equipment to conduct the inspection. There are two sides to the inspection: mechanical and emissions control, and safety. During the mechanical and emissions portion, items like the exhaust system, brake system, electrical system, and suspension—plus many more—are all inspected to a high-level degree. The safety inspection ensures all included parts are in proper working order, such as the safety belts, mirrors, odometer, and driver’s seat. Our technicians work off a state-mandated checklist that allows them to precisely keep track of every detail. Once the Maryland state inspection is complete, you will be provided a grade of pass or fail. If your vehicle fails, the issue will need to be repaired and inspected again within 30 days to obtain certification. A passing grade is needed to be able to receive your state inspection sticker and register your vehicle.

Visit Our Auto Shop Soon!

Is your vehicle due for the Maryland state inspection? If you recently moved to Maryland, you have 60 days to get your vehicle inspected and registered. There is a 90-day timeframe for a used car purchase. If you have questions specific to your situation and vehicle, give us a call at (301) 447-2800. We’ll be able to clear up the confusion and answer any of your questions. Our technicians are intimately familiar with what the inspection looks for and the level a car must be at in order to receive a passing grade. Give yourself peace of mind by bringing your vehicle in and letting our skilled technicians do a full analysis. One of the best perks of working with us is that we’re a certified facility, which means if your vehicle does not pass, we can perform the repairs right here. Dynamic Automotive is open five days a week with convenient morning and evening hours! We are located at 20 Creamery Way and look forward to working with you soon!