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Oil Change in Emmitsburg, Maryland

The Importance of Getting Your Oil Routinely Changed — Dynamic Automotive

What Does Motor Oil Do?

Your car requires a myriad of fluids to operate, but one of the most important and commonly serviced is the motor oil. Here at Dynamic Automotive in Emmitsburg, Maryland, we perform oil change services every day and are firm believers in this routine maintenance. Do you know just how important fresh oil is for your engine? It’s no secret that engines run hot, and oil assists in maintaining a level temperature by transferring excess heat to a heat exchanger, usually a radiator such as an oil cooler. Simultaneously, oil collects the metal, dust, and dirt particles found in the engine unit and consistently circulates them through the oil filter to prevent damage. Furthermore, oil is a natural lubricant. The slippery quality allows the powertrain parts to operate seamlessly with one another, averting the potential for friction. Regular oil changes shield your car’s engine from excess heat, sludge accumulation, and extra friction. In turn, this will allow the engine to run efficiently and last longer!

Benefits of Regularly Changing Your Oil

Oil changes are a simple and quick procedure here in our auto repair shop serving Emmitsburg. Whether you drive a car, truck, or SUV, it’s important to remain vigilant when it comes time for changing your old oil out. In addition to the actual performance of the motor oil, routine changes enhance fuel efficiency, optimize the engine’s operation, and promote engine and vehicle longevity. When we conduct an oil change service, we drain the current oil and replace it with a fresh supply. We’ll reference your owner’s manual and previous records for the appropriate type and brand of oil to use for optimal results. If needed, we will also replace your oil filter! Your oil filter collects the harmful particles that the oil picks up in the engine, keeping it all contained in one space. Sooner or later, the filter will become too bogged down and require replacement. Rest assured the certified technicians here in our shop can help!

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Oil change intervals vary model to model and driver to driver. Several factors are considered, such as the age and condition of your car, its mileage, your driving habits, the environment, and the type of oil used. We provide all varieties here in our auto shop, including conventional oil, synthetic oil, synthetic blend, and high-mileage oil, and of all viscosity levels. General interval recommendations range from every 3,000 to 7,500 miles (sometimes even longer). The older the car, the more frequent the oil will be exchanged; modern-day engines are more advanced and require a lower frequency. For a seamless, quick, and affordable oil change, book an appointment online or by phone at (301) 447-2800 today with our expert mechanics at Dynamic Automotive! We also welcome walk-ins here at 20 Creamery Way. We look forward to your visit!