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Tire Services in Emmitsburg, Maryland

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How to Care for Your Tires

Do your tires need service? Don’t settle for second-best. Visit Dynamic Automotive in Emmitsburg, Maryland, today for exceptional tire care! We perform all types of tire services to ensure you get the peak performance and safety your vehicle is capable of. Tire rotations are among the most common, which is the process of removing each tire, inspecting the wear pattern, and placing each back onto the vehicle in a new position for optimal tire wear. A tire balance corrects the weight distribution of the tire in the wheelhouse. An imbalance can lead to multiple issues, including vibrations, excessive tire wear, and even suspension damage. Did you know that wheel alignment is also considered one of our tire services? When wheels are misaligned, the rate of tire wear is significantly increased due to their position in the wheelhouse. We also offer emergency services like flat tire repair and tire plugs. No matter the service you need, from an issue with your tire pressure monitoring system to a tire puncture repair, we can take care of it! And if you need new tires, we offer an excellent selection of tires and installation.

Signs You Need Tire Service

Tires absorb daily wear and tear, often more than any other car part, which is why staying on top of your tire services is important. While the quality and durability of automobile tires have increased significantly over the years, they still require timely care in order to avoid problems. How do you know if your tires need service or replacement? Low tire tread is a tell-tale sign, and if yours is beneath 2/32 of an inch, come visit us. Adequate tread levels are necessary for optimum traction and control. Uneven tire wear can also point to a problem, such as wheel misalignment or improper inflation levels. Additional signs of tire problems include cracks in the rubber or even bulges, both of which can lead to a blowout if not treated properly and timely. Failure to service or replace your tires when needed jeopardizes your car’s handling and safety. To learn more or to schedule an appointment for one of our tire services, contact us at (301) 447-2800.

Tire Road Hazard Protection Plan & Towing

Our technicians are experts when it comes to all tire services. To earn your trust even further, we offer the Tire Road Hazard Protection Plan here at Dynamic Automotive when you purchase and have tires installed at our shop. This plan provides coverage from the date of purchase through the end of the tire manufacturer’s warranty, or when the tread reaches an unsafe level. It’s only valid if you maintain proper tire maintenance outlined in the manufacturer guidelines, including rotations, balances, and inflation pressure. The plan protects against different road hazards, such as screws, nails, glass, and other items that could puncture the tire. From there, we will repair the tire for free! Of course, there are certain restrictions, and we will disclose those with you at sign-up. And if you find yourself in need of a tow, whether due to tire failure or another issue, we provide complimentary towing for cars and light-duty trucks. For further details about our tire services and benefits, get in touch with us today. Dynamic Automotive is located at 20 Creamery Way and looks forward to working with you soon.