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Suspension Repair in Emmitsburg, Maryland

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Overview of the Suspension System

Do you know what the purpose of your suspension system is? Not only does it ensure a smooth ride by absorbing bumps and other road imperfections, but it also helps you keep the car in control. Based on its location on its undercarriage, the suspension also assists in supporting the vehicle’s weight. The suspension system is a combination of several parts, including the shocks, struts, coil springs, control arms, sway bars, bushings, and ball joints. Each piece has its own job that contributes to the suspension’s overarching goals. For example, the shocks and struts stabilize the car’s movements and ensure the tires remain in contact with the road. Meanwhile, the control arms help guide the wheels up and down and allow you to safely steer the vehicle. Over time, it’s not uncommon for certain parts to wear or become damaged. However, it’s important to stay alert of these problems and come by Dynamic Automotive in Emmitsburg, Maryland for suspension repair!

Our Suspension Repair Services

Here in our auto repair shop, we see our fair share of suspension problems. Whether it be from a worn part or a bad encounter with a bump in the road, we encourage you to seek out the assistance of our team for proper inspection. Shocks, struts, springs, ball joints, and control arms are all susceptible to wearing and can cause further complications if left unaddressed. For example, ball joints attach the suspension to the wheels, and if they become too worn or damaged, there is potential for suspension parts to drag from your vehicle. When shocks become compromised, they are unable to keep the tires safely planted on the ground. Rest assured we have the tools and knowledge to diagnose and treat all problems with our suspension repair services. Leaks, rusted components, worn parts, loose connections, and defective pieces are a small sampling of what we can fix. Your suspension system is a powerful contributor to your car’s overall performance, from preventing premature tire wear to controlling vehicle bounce and roll. If it’s time for suspension repair, reach out to our team at (301) 447-2800.

Signs Your Suspension Needs Service

When your suspension isn’t operating right, you’ll certainly notice a change in driving dynamics. For starters, your vehicle will start to bounce from the bumps it encounters—instead of absorbing them. For you, this equals a rough ride where you can feel virtually every bump in the road. Drifting and pulling to one side when you take on corners are also signs that you may have a suspension issue. Additional indicators that warrant suspension repair include difficulty when steering (especially when traveling at lower speeds) and the car sitting lower at one corner, which is a tell-tale sign of a broken spring. Failure to address suspension problems can result in a ride that feels unbalanced and unstable, not to mention can catapult into further problems of the suspension system and its surrounding components. For expert suspension repair you can count on, visit us today at 20 Creamery Way. Dynamic Automotive is here to assist with all of your automotive needs!