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Putting the Wrong Gas in Your Car

Oh, No! Using the Wrong Fuel in Your Car! How Bad Is This? We’ve all made mistakes. That’s life. When the error is putting the wrong fuel in your vehicle, however, the moment of recognition may incite panic. If it happens to you, perhaps you’ll wonder, “How bad is this?” While it isn’t good, the […]

Can Water Damage Your Car

It’s Just Water. Can It Damage Your Vehicle? Your Car Is Not a Boat Unless you own one of the surviving classic Amphicars, your vehicle is not a boat. Therefore, it’s designed for use on dry land, not for running through high water. Of course, your automobile is going to get wet due to normal […]

All About Transmissions

Your Vehicle’s Transmission: A Brief Overview What It Does You know every vehicle needs a transmission. You also know the transmission is related to shifting gears. But perhaps you’re wondering exactly what occurs that makes the transmission so vital. In brief, the transmission is responsible for ensuring that your wheels get the amount of power […]

Need to Knows About Your Oxygen Sensor

What Should You Know About Your Vehicle’s Oxygen Sensor? It Does What? Your vehicle’s check engine light (CEL) is on, and your neighbor told you it might be a bad oxygen sensor. Okay, you think, but what does that do? An oxygen sensor located in the emissions/exhaust system measures the amount of unburned oxygen in […]

Bad Habits That Could Wreck Your Transmission

Bad Habits Hard on Transmissions Protecting Your Transportation Investment It simply makes good financial sense. Protect your transmission. Protect your vehicle. Project your transportation investment. One strategy for doing this is to avoid driving habits that can wreak havoc on your transmission. We’ll share a few of these “no-nos.” Beyond adjusting your own actions, it’s […]

Top 5 Reasons You Should Perform Automotive Maintenance Services

Top 5 Reasons You Should Perform Automotive Maintenance Services   Performing maintenance services are important to the health and reliability of your vehicle so that you can keep it on the road. Even though it is key, often maintenance services are neglected and not performed at all. We’re too busy, do not have the extra […]

10th Annual Dynamic Automotive Car Show benefiting Second Chances Garage and hosted by Golden Gears Club of Frederick County

10th Annual Dynamic Automotive Car Show benefiting Second Chances Garage   Our 10th Annual Car show was one for the record books. This year we partnered with Second Chances Garage as our benefactor and the Golden Gears Car Club of Frederick County to put together our best show ever. We just didn’t have a car […]

How To Help Your Car Be Earth Day Friendly

How To Help Your Car Be Earth Day Friendly What is Earth Day? Earth Day began in 1970 and is now celebrated worldwide in 192 counties. It’s a day to celebrate the environment and how to reduce our impact on it. On this day, many events are held to raise awareness, demonstrating ways to protect […]

Getting Your Vehicle Winter Ready

Getting Your Vehicle Winter Ready Winter weather can take a toll on the health of your vehicle. I tell people your car reacts as you do to any extreme weather conditions. Cold weather tests the systems of your vehicle just like it tests your body. When the weather is cold, your muscles can ache a […]

Easy Steps to Help Identify a Flooded Vehicle

Hurricane Season is always a time to be concerned for safety and protecting personal property. When a storm hits an area, it takes time for the community to recover. An unexpected causality from these massive storms is vehicles that were underwater. Once the water recedes, insurance companies handle the claims from flooded cars and usually […]