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All About Transmissions

Your Vehicle's Transmission: A Brief Overview

What It Does

You know every vehicle needs a transmission. You also know the transmission is related to shifting gears. But perhaps you're wondering exactly what occurs that makes the transmission so vital. In brief, the transmission is responsible for ensuring that your wheels get the amount of power from the engine needed to make the car travel at your selected speed. Shifting gears in a traditional model or changing the ratio in a continuously variable transmission (CVT) allows the right amount of power to go to the wheels to attain or maintain that speed. Over the long haul, you'll likely need transmission service and repair. For that, count on the ASE-certified technicians at Dynamic Automotive in Urbana, Maryland.

Types and Function

Vehicles come equipped with one of two kinds of transmissions--manual or automatic. Also called a straight shift or straight drive, a manual requires the driver to act in order for the gears to change (i.e., let off the accelerator, depress the clutch pedal, and physically change the gear using a lever of some sort). As the name suggests, an automatic moves from one gear to another without additional action from the driver. Once "drive" mode is selected, there is no clutching or physical use of a gear shifter. A modern variation of the automatic transmission is the CVT. It works using bands to adjust the power between the motor and the wheels continuously. There are no gears nor any additional work for the driver.

Services and Repairs

Dynamic Automotive can help you take care of your transmission through all the stages of your automobile's life. Your manufacturer will make recommendations about services as well as transmission fluid type. This is provided in your owner's manual. Our technicians are glad to discuss your car's specific needs, as well. Should you need a transmission fluid change or transmission fluid flush, we can provide that. We also make repairs and even transmission replacements. If you need transmission repair, service, or just a bit of advice, be sure to stop by the local shop that's been taking care of transmissions in Maryland since 1995.

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