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Bad Habits That Could Wreck Your Transmission

Bad Habits Hard on Transmissions

Protecting Your Transportation Investment

It simply makes good financial sense. Protect your transmission. Protect your vehicle. Project your transportation investment. One strategy for doing this is to avoid driving habits that can wreak havoc on your transmission. We'll share a few of these "no-nos." Beyond adjusting your own actions, it's also helpful to have a reliable shop for preventive maintenance services and transmission repair. For that, you have the ASE-certified technicians at Dynamic Automotive in New Market, Maryland.

Some Bad Habits to Avoid or Break Right Now

While nothing can prevent all transmission trouble to infinity, avoiding these habits can help you prevent that "oh, no, you didn't" feeling. First, don't just leave your car parked on an incline for the transmission alone to hold. This can put undue strain on the components. Your parking brake is there for a reason. Use it, and let it take up some of the work. Also, it's best practice to make a full stop before shifting from reverse into drive. Theoretically, if you're moving very slowly and don't hit the accelerator too soon, you won't cause any damage if you're still rolling a bit. However, chances are that you'll one day repeat the sequence too quickly and forcefully, causing damage. Another myth is that allowing your car to coast in neutral is fine and even economical. That's not good advice. You don't really save gas that way, and you can cause damage if the engine stalls/cuts off. Finally, although you probably already know, be reminded that wild-style driving is never good for your automobile. Gunning the gas and slamming the brakes on a regular basis is not transmission friendly.

Your Local Transmission Repair Specialists

Whether you're looking for routine services to head off trouble or suspect a transmission problem, the time for transmission repair is sooner rather than later. If there's trouble, it will only get worse over time when left unattended. Fortunately, the team at Dynamic Automotive is here to help you as your local, reputable repair shop.

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