10th Annual Dynamic Automotive Car Show benefiting Second Chances

10th Annual Dynamic Automotive Car Show benefiting Second Chances Garage and hosted by Golden Gears Club of Frederick County

10th Annual Dynamic Automotive Car Show benefiting Second Chances Garage


Our 10th Annual Car show was one for the record books. This year we partnered with Second Chances Garage as our benefactor and the Golden Gears Car Club of Frederick County to put together our best show ever. We just didn’t have a car show. This year’s show had a different twist than in years past. We were not just showing off fancy hot rods. We had multiple presentations that made for a jam-packed event from beginning to end, full of good deeds and information to help the community.  We had an event that brought the community together to help many great causes in Frederick County, including Seed of Life Nurseries, YMCA, Frederick County Public Schools, Frederick County Government, Youth Apprentices, Department of Labor and Second Chances Garage.

The team at Dynamic had spent the last month getting ready for our biggest event of the year. Anyone that has been to the show knows how clean and maintained the shop is. This year was no different. We were painting, cleaning, making repairs to equipment and the building itself. The show is an excellent reason for a good spring cleaning, and it keeps the facility in tip-top shape. We are going on 13 years since we opened our Urbana Location and it’s important to make sure things are taken care of. We like a clean environment for our customers and their vehicles. It makes a difference in their experience with us.

The show doesn’t officially start until noon, but we had our first visitor before 8 am. With a warm sunny day, we knew the community would come out after all the rain we have had this summer. Our parking lot was full before noon with almost 100 cars registered for the show. There was a big mix of vehicles to include many motorcycles, muscle cars, hot rods, production cars, kit cars and we even had a large decked out rig that was restored and in excellent condition. The variety made the show interesting, having different types of vehicles for everyone’s personal taste. There were many new participants this year, that made for a fresh experience.

This year we teamed up with Second Chances Garage again, and it is great working with them. They were there in force to help with the food, organize the event and help with the presentations that had an emphasis on Apprenticeship. It means a lot to us that they are just as involved as we are with this event, it has helped to make it even better. John Frawley, CEO of Second Chances Garage, was gracious enough to emcee our presentation. It may have looked weird using a trailer for our stage, but we had a great reason to spotlight it and the organization that uses it. The trailer came to us a couple of weeks before the Car Show in bad shape. Mike Dickson reached out to Dynamic Automotive needing help to get the trailer back to safe and usable condition. You're right in wondering what was wrong with it. Well, there was a lot wrong with it. Mike asked us to fix the broken wheel studs, so he can get some tires. Once we saw the condition of the trailer, we knew that wasn’t enough. We replaced the broken and damaged wheel studs, repacked the wheel bearings, found two new tires and rims to replace the missing wheels, new lights, a little paint and some fresh wood for a brand-new deck to haul the goods he gives to the community. Why is this trailer so special? It’s unique because it’s hauled over a million pounds of food for Frederick Families that are in need. That’s what Seed of Life Nurseries does! They deliver fresh produce to over 500 families in the area. In the spirit of the event, our apprentices, three registered and two youth, got this trailer ready to go back into service.

We then presented a 2000 Ford Windstar to the YMCA that was donated from the McNeil Family of Frederick. Second Chances Garage and our apprentices worked on the van to get it ready for the presentation. Rick Trawick, the founder of SCG, presented the van to Chris Colville, CEO of the Frederick YMCA, and John Groupoff, SCG shop Manager, handed her the keys. Chris spoke about how they will utilize this gift, “We will use the van for outreach programs in the community. Thank you for making a dream and vision of ours come true.” Chris went on to explain their plan is to use the van at Camp West Mar in Thurmont. It will also be used as a mobile art/sports office.  They will be able to go to underserved communities each month and provide pop up give away services and provide free activities. It will allow a new part of the community to have an art project or sports training that is theirs to keep.

County Executive, Jan Gardner, spoke next and started by recognizing Dynamic Automotive as great partner with the community. “You can see their generosity to our community and non-profits”. She gave a proclamation stating, “On behalf of the citizens of Frederick County, we applaud the Dynamic Auto team, for your vision as defenders of the automotive industry, by demonstrating a commitment to educate, inform, advise, and protect your customers on vehicle safety, repairs, and proper maintenance.  Your special event is ensuring a bright future for Frederick County!”

Next was the highlight of the event, graduating our 2 Youth Apprentices. We called both Ricky Shontere and Frankie Arevalo to the stage to thank them and congratulate on completing the Dynamic Automotive Youth Apprenticeship Program. They spent the past year in our program while attending high school, earning a paycheck while learning a trade in the automotive industry. They were both thanked, received a certificate and given an award. We believe these young men are our future and we are committed to our apprenticeship programs, to help develop our future generation. Dr. Pearl, from FCPS, was there to give her congratulations and talk about how Frederick County has been the leader in this program and how FCPS is committed to helping it grow.

To complete our presentation, Secretary Kelly Schulz, from the Maryland Department of Labor spoke, giving praise to our apprentices and the commitment we must build together for our future generation. This is not the end for our graduating youth apprentices; it’s the beginning of a valuable, well paid, very meaningful career. She spoke about Maryland being the leader in these programs and how they need help getting the word out.  They need ambassadors to help with this. At this time Secretary Schulz announced that Dynamic Automotive was the 4th company in the State of Maryland to become an Apprenticeship Ambassador. This is a special position, helping the community and state to develop and grow Apprenticeship. Our work has only begun, and we have a lot to do.

The show continued after the presentation with music, food, fun for the family and hot cars. We Want to thank Just Smoking’ Around for providing the awesome food, Back Yard Inflatables for donating the moon bounce, BG Products for the Engine demo (Big Bubba) and Snowbells for their tasty, refreshing snacks. A special thanks to Golden Gears for hosting the car show, Second Chances Garage for being a great partner, the Maryland Department of Labor, FCPS and the Team of amazing people at Dynamic Automotive. You are all amazing.

The show came to a close after the trophies were awarded. We had a total of 8 trophies including:Maryland Apprenticeship Ambassador

·         Best Motorcycle
·         Best Paint
·         Runner-up Paint
·         Best Customer Interior
·         Runner-up Custom Interior
·         Dynamic Automotive’s Choice Award
·         Second Chances Garage Choice Award
·         Best in Show
We want to thank everyone that came to the show and spent the day with us. It was great seeing the community come together to support a great cause. Thanks to all who brought their special vehicle and showed them off. Thanks to all that spoke and participated in the event. What a great day for this event that was very successful in many ways! Click here for more photos. Dwayne Myers  

About Seed of Life CSA

Michael Dickson grew up struggling to find food and understands how much impact it has on the lives of a family. His firsthand knowledge of hunger led him to found Seed of Life, a nursery dedicated to supplying plants to impoverished neighborhoods, schools, and families in dire circumstances. Michael was raised, along with seven other children, by his grandparents. His grandfather loved to garden and passed that love on to Micheal, teaching him the science behind how and why things grow. His grandparents fed the family from their garden and the chickens they kept. It made an impression on Michael: you don’t have to go hungry; you can grow food. Today, Michael and his own family are passing that legacy on to a new generation of families so they, too, can live with hope instead of hunger. In 2013 Michael created the Seed of Life CSA program, to bring healthy, organic foods to those same families in the local Frederick area. In 2015, Michael received the Hometown Hero award from Geico for his devotion to helping the community. The distribution of fresh produce (rather than just non-perishables) is one of the things that makes what Seed of Life does so special. Distributing fresh produce adds complexity to Seed of Life’s operations, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. Fresh food is central to their mission.


About YMCA

Our YMCA is a non-profit organization that works collaboratively with community partners to improve the lives of children, adults, families, and the entire community. Our purpose is to strengthen and enrich the development of individuals and families through quality programs and services that build a healthy spirit, mind, and body for all. Integral to everything that we do are our core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. Our Y serves people of all backgrounds, ages, capabilities and income levels, providing financial assistance to those in need. Encouraging, supporting and improving healthy living habits, among our members and throughout the community, are central to our purpose.


About Second Chances Garage

With a passion for cars and helping those in need, Second Chances Garage seeks to make a difference in Frederick and nearby communities by providing “second chances” for individuals and families in need of safe, reliable transportation. Since 20+10, generous folks such as yourself have donated vehicles in any condition. Those that meet specific criteria are refurbished and placed with well-qualified individuals referred via our Partner Agencies. Pick up can be arranged from your location in our service area. Each car is thoroughly examined and all necessary repairs completed. Vehicles are Maryland State inspected and carefully cleaned and detailed so recipients can take pride in the car they receive.


About Golden Gears Car Club

The Golden Gears Car Club of Maryland, Inc. is dedicated to the preservation, use and enjoyment of historic, classic, muscle, and special interest vehicles. The club hosts benefit events for charitable organizations or individual recipients in need within the community. The club sponsors an annual summer and fall event and participates in other shows and events. (Taken from http://www.goldengears.org/information.php)


About Maryland Department of Labor

The Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (DLLR) is committed to safeguarding and protecting Marylanders. We're proud to support the economic stability of the state by providing businesses, the workforce and the consuming public with high quality customer-focused regulatory, employment and training services


About Frederick County Public School

Public education is at the heart of our community. It shapes who we are. In Frederick County, our promise is to empower our young people no matter who they are, no matter their backgrounds or circumstances. We want them to be prepared to succeed in college and careers. Therefore, our mission is to: Reach our students with exceptional teaching and caring support, Challenge them to achieve their potential, and Prepare them for success in a global society. Frederick County depends on the opportunities that our schools guarantee. Public education keeps our community moving forward. It prepares our future community leaders, our business leaders, and our workforces. The children we educate today will be the adults caring for our community's health, homes, businesses, and neighborhoods tomorrow. Frederick County's investment in public education is an investment in our future.

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Written by Dwayne Myers