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Putting the Wrong Gas in Your Car

Oh, No! Using the Wrong Fuel in Your Car!

How Bad Is This?

We've all made mistakes. That's life. When the error is putting the wrong fuel in your vehicle, however, the moment of recognition may incite panic. If it happens to you, perhaps you'll wonder, "How bad is this?" While it isn't good, the experienced ASE-certified technicians at Dynamic Automotive in Emmitsburg, Maryland, are happy to provide tips to mitigate and minimize the problem, as well as provide exceptional auto repair to help remedy the mistake.

Potential Mistakes

The severity of the mistake actually depends on which one you make. Some people prefer one grade of gasoline over another. If you accidentally grab the wrong nozzle, that's not disastrous. If you typically buy premium and put in regular grade by mistake, there's no issue. You likely won't even know it happened. If you do the opposite and get a premium instead of your usual regular grade, you'll spend a few more pennies, but you otherwise won't notice a difference. The more serious mistake is swapping gasoline and diesel fuel. Should you discover that you're pumping diesel into your gas-powered vehicle, stop fueling and have a tow truck take your auto to a repair shop that offers fuel tank draining service. Do not start the car. This early discovery and intervention will save more expensive repairs. A more alarming problem is finding that you're putting gas into your diesel tank. Again, if you recognize your mistake, don't start your vehicle. Opt for the tow and draining. Sending gasoline across your diesel components will cause almost immediate damage.

Wrong Fuel Correction and Auto Repair

If your fueling error occurs in or near Emmitsburg, ask your tow provider to bring your automobile to Dynamic Automotive. Since 1995, we've been helping drivers with preventive services, auto repairs, and emergency situations like yours. What's more, our repairs are backed by a superior 3-year/36,000-mile warranty.

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