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Wheel Alignment in Libertytown, MD

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At its very core, a wheel alignment is adjusting the wheels so they’re tracking or thrust and is upright with the vehicle’s centerline. To put it more simply, it’s keeping your vehicle rolling straight as it’s driving down the road. For any driver, it can be very distracting to be driving along and have to hold the wheel straight to keep your vehicle between the lines. At Dynamic Automotive in Libertytown, Maryland, we have a team of ASE Certified Master Technicians who specialize in wheel alignments. No matter your vehicle’s size, shape, or layout, our technicians have the latest tools to get your vehicle back on track. You can take solace in knowing your vehicle is in the best hands. Our philosophy is a total commitment to car care and ensuring you have a fantastic experience at our shop.

A Smoother Ride

Having a bad alignment can lead to a number of issues. Chief among which is excessive tire wear. When the tires are out of alignment, they begin to develop excessive wear around the outer edges of the tires. This wear will eventually lead to the tire becoming bald and can lead to your losing control in adverse conditions. Another big issue is the vehicle pulling to one side or another. The amount of adjustment needed is dependent on how hard you are holding the steering wheel. Lastly, a loose steering wheel will have dire effects on your vehicle’s ability to turn. This is due to the misaligned wheels If this occurs, it is vital you bring your vehicle in as soon as possible to inspect it.

Before our technician does the alignment, they will first perform an inspection and test drive the vehicle to determine what the focus of the alignment will be. If the tire wear is severe, our tech may recommend replacing the worn tires, in addition to the alignment. Once your vehicle is in the alignment rack, the tech will check the camber, caster, and toe of your vehicle. Each of these points will be placed at the best angle to achieve a proper alignment for all four wheels. Once that is completed, the tech will test drive your vehicle to make sure it’s traveling straight, and the handling is improved.

A More Comfortable Path For You

Once the technician has finished, they will notify the service advisor of the competition. Our service advisors will then call you to inform your vehicle is ready for pick-up. Once you arrive, we’ll discuss with you the results of the alignment, and how best to manage it going forward. Your safety is a priority for us, and we will not give back your vehicle. It’s 100% safe to travel in. If you have any questions about wheel alignments, or would like to go ahead and schedule an alignment, give us a ring at (301) 694-6250. Our state-of-the-art shop is located at 11931 Main Street in Libertytown. We look forward to seeing you soon!