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Brake Repair in Libertytown, MD

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Brakes are one of the most important parts of any vehicle. They ensure you and your vehicle’s safety in every road condition. That said, brake wear can vary depending on the environment and type of driver. At Dynamic Automotive in Libertytown, Maryland, we understand the importance of brake components to vehicle health. The main concerns we have with brakes involve these symptoms: brake warning light is on, the vehicle pulls to one side under braking, a squealing or noise emitting from the brakes, a soft brake pedal, or feeling and hearing a grinding noise. If you experience one of the issues, we recommend you visit our shop for assistance. We’ll next explain some of the services you can expect when you visit our wondrous shop.

Brake Fluid, Pad, And Rotor Service

When your vehicle enters our shop, our ASE Certified technician will do a full diagnostic inspection of your vehicle checking the brake fluid for consistency, and the pads and rotors for wear. If the brake fluid appears low or dirty, that may be the reason behind a soft brake pedal or the brake warning light. A brake fluid flush will need to be performed, which involves flushing the brake lines of fluid and in new fluid added in. If the pads wear down beyond a certain threshold, they will need replacing. The same goes for the brake rotors. Over time, the rotors will develop a lip between their surface and the outer edge. Once the lip becomes deeper, the rotors will begin to vibrate and squeal. The rotors will need replacement once this occurs, along with the pads and brake fluid as a precaution. No matter what vehicle, it’s normal to change pads every 50,000 miles or so. For brake rotors, they should be changed every 70,000 miles. Keep in mind though, if you subject your vehicle to heavy braking, the rotors may warp, causing them to vibrate constantly. The rotors will not function as normal, and thus need replacing.

Schedule a Service

When it comes to your braking system, it’s so important that it’s operating at its best. Whether you need the brake pads replaced or the rotor repairs, trust the team at Dynamic Automotive to get the job done right and well. If you’d like more information on brake repair, or would like to go ahead and schedule a service, give us a call at (301) 694-6250. Our shop is located at 11931 Main Street in Libertytown, Maryland, near the Volunteer Fighter Department. Our team looks forward to chatting with you and answering any questions you may have. At Dynamic Automotive, we can’t wait to serve you.