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Transmission Repair in New Market, MD

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How Does a Transmission Work?

When something goes wrong with your vehicle, you know you can always trust Dynamic Automotive in New Market, Maryland, to provide professional service and repair. We treat each vehicle like our very own, and we are always more than happy to address your questions or concerns. For all your transmission repair needs, whether it be a single parts replacement or entire transmission rebuild, contact us today at (301) 694-5460 to schedule an appointment.

The transmission is what manages the power output of the engine and directs it accordingly to the wheels. There are four main types of transmission in modern vehicles: manual, automatic, automated manual, and continuously variable. Each system operates differently, but the same goal is achieved with each. For example, a manual transmission is controlled by the driver via a movable gear selector and driver-operated clutch. Meanwhile, an automatic transmission utilizes sensors to determine when to shift gears and applies that change automatically by using internal oil pressure. The automated manual transmission uses a manual gearbox, but the clutch and gear shifts are managed by an electrical system. The continuously variable transmission is a type of automatic transmission that uses pulleys instead of fixed gears, allowing for more seamless acceleration.

Signs You May Need Transmission Repair

Based on design and function, the transmission is one of the most complex systems in a vehicle. Over time, parts wear and/or can become damaged, but do you know the signs to look out for? Oftentimes, it’s easy to recognize when your transmission is experiencing problems. The most obvious is with the actual operation—refusal to switch gears, slipping gears, or a dragging clutch. Humming, clunking, or whining noises can be produced if there is a transmission issue, along with unusual noises when your vehicle is in neutral. A burning smell, leaking fluid, and grinding or shaking are the additional measures of transmission problems. If your vehicle develops one of the issues above, we encourage you to take prompt action and bring your car in for transmission repair.

What Repair Does My Transmission Need?

Transmission repairs come in many forms. At Dynamic Automotive, we have the expertise to diagnose transmission problems accurately and perform the necessary transmission repair. Most commonly, transmissions require parts replacement to fix the issue, which may include replacement of the axle, clutch, clutch cable, flywheel, transmission mount, transmission filter, or oil pressure switch, among others. We can repair a number of components such as the driveline and driveshaft and u-joint, perform a transmission flush, and run diagnostics. In extreme cases, a transmission rebuild may be required. This is a major mechanical overhaul that involves taking apart the entire transmission, inspecting all parts, and replacing what’s needed. If the transmission requires too much work, we may suggest replacing your transmission altogether.

For transmission repair that is precise and conducted by certified, professional technicians, make your way to Dynamic Automotive in New Market, Maryland. We offer financing, after-hours drop-off and pick-up, digital vehicle inspections, and more! We are located at 10530 Old National Pike and look forward to working with you soon.