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Oil Change in New Market, MD

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When Does My Car Need an Oil Change?

Is it time for your next oil change? Bring your vehicle to Dynamic Automotive serving New Market, Maryland. Oil is an essential substance for all engine types and needs to be changed on a regular basis to ensure optimal, efficient, and safe performance. We service all makes and models in our state-of-the-art repair shop located at 10530 Old National Pike.

Thanks to the advanced engineering in modern vehicles, intervals for changing your car’s oil have significantly increased over the last several years. You may be familiar with the 3,000-mile rule, but these days, some vehicles won’t need their oil changed until at least the 7,000-mile mark. The frequency depends on four main factors: your vehicle, the type of oil used, your driving habits, and the mileage on the odometer. Your owner’s manual contains the recommended interval for your vehicle, but we can also help you determine the best regimen for your car, truck, or SUV. When you come in, we’ll also check your oil filter condition and replace it if necessary.

Why Does Oil Need to Be Changed?

If you want the most from your vehicle, it’s important to stay on top of routine oil changes. Over time, oil starts to deplete and transform into sludge in the engine. This decreases its effectiveness greatly, forcing the engine to work harder and burn through fuel quicker. In addition to poorer performance, old oil struggles to successfully perform its essential duties—lubrication, temperature control, and absorption. That leads to advanced parts wear, friction, and overheating; in extreme cases, total engine failure can be the result from neglecting oil change service. Fresh oil contains a certain level of viscosity that lets it course through the engine fluidly, providing adequate lubrication, preventing overheating, and absorbing harmful materials.

What Type of Oil Is Best for My Car?

The oil in your vehicle is chosen based on certain variables, such as your car’s age and mileage, how much you drive, and where you drive. There are four main types of oil used in automobiles: conventional, full-synthetic, synthetic-blend, and high-mileage; conventional motor oil is the most common in everyday vehicles. From there, our technicians will choose the best viscosity level rating for your car—this is represented by the four or five characters displayed on the label i.e., 10W-30. The “W” stands for “winter,” and the number attached to it indicates how well the oil flows in colder temperatures (the lower, the better). The following number after the dash indicates how well the oil flows in warmer temperatures.

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