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Quality and consistent oil changes are the most important maintenance for preserving your engine. Its performance depends largely on the quality of the oil that’s being used, and how often the oil and the filters are being used. Drivers may fail to receive their oil changes because of inconvenience or neglect. Either way it’s the engine that suffers the most from a missed oil change. We can take care of both the inconvenience and the forgetfulness by making sure you are always on top of your oil changes. Dynamic Automotive in New Market, MD is determined to extend your engine’s road-life. Preventive maintenance, and engine preservation is what we do every time your vehicle visits our garage. Your vehicle needs the best grade of oil, and efficient oil change intervals to stay in peak condition. The metal components of your engine will create friction, overheating and possible breakdown, without quality oil. When your vehicle’s engine goes too long without changing the oil, the engine will be forced to work harder than it has to.

We consider your driving habits and the age of your car when specially designing your oil change maintenance schedule. From the moment you drive your vehicle off the lot you should be thinking about developing your oil change maintenance schedule. To maintain proper lubrication inside your engine, your oil changes should be occurring frequently. There is a general rule of thumb that ranges from every 3,000 – 6,000 miles. However, to manage your engine with more precision, you should consult our experts. Dynamic Automotive’s techs will also use the manufacturer’s recommendations when following your maintenance plan. No matter what type of car you’re driving, whether it’s old or new, foreign or domestic, we know how best to care for it. Our oil change services will always use the appropriate grades of oil. We are all about engine-enhancement. For clean and efficient oil changes, come to Dynamic Automotive in New Market, MD. We look forward to keeping you on a path of optimal engine performance.

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