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Suspension Repair in New Market, MD

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What Does a Suspension Do?

A smooth drive is what we all expect when behind the wheel. Complications with the suspension system can disrupt your vehicle’s ride quality and handling, resulting in subpar, compromised driving dynamics. If you’re experiencing suspension problems, consult the professionals at Dynamic Automotive in New Market, Maryland, to learn about our suspension repair services.

A car’s suspension connects the vehicle to its wheels. Its three main components are the springs, struts, and shocks, with support from bushings, bearings, linkages, axles, and joints. Not only does it absorb road imperfections to produce a balanced, comfortable ride, but it also supports the vehicle’s weight. A suspension helps the tires maintain contact with the road and car, allowing for optimal traction and overall grip. It’s also responsible for minimizing body roll when cornering by transferring the weight from the “high” side to the “low” side. Because the suspension plays such a big role in everyday driving, it’s normally easy to recognize when there is an issue.

Signs of Suspension Problems

The main indicator of a problem with your suspension is atypical driving dynamics. The most common is a rough ride where you can feel the bumps in the road, or the bumps cause your vehicle to “bounce.” To further investigate this issue, you can try the bounce test on your own. With the car in park, push down on the front of the vehicle with all your weight and release; if it bounces up and down more than two to three times, your suspension is wearing out. Another indicator of suspension problems is drifting or pulling when taking a turn. This happens when the shocks are unable to keep the vehicle stable. A vehicle that lurches forward and downward when braking often signals an issue with the shocks. Uneven tire treads and oily shocks (which can be inspected by checking under the vehicle) are the two visual signs that the suspension system could be failing, and your vehicle may need suspension repair.

What Repair Does My Suspension Need?

A suspension consistently experiences a great deal of physical and mechanical stress, which is why it’s important to stay vigilant on service and repair when needed. When you bring your car in, our technicians will thoroughly inspect the suspension system to determine what is wrong. They’ll check all components for signs of swelling, cracking, damage, or oil contamination during it. Common suspension repair services include the replacement of struts or shocks, both of which can become warped, damaged, or develop a leak. A compromised spring, which is recognized when the vehicle sits lower to the ground in one area, will need to be replaced. Additional repairs we can perform include replacing the control arms, ball joints, bushings, leak repair, and fluid replacement.

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