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How to Know When You Need an Alignment

Need A Wheel Alignment? Here’s How To Tell. Wheel Alignment: Is it that important? What is Wheel Alignment? Despite the name, wheel alignment has much more to do with your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems than it does with the wheels themselves. When a mechanic performs a wheel alignment, they adjust the angle of the […]

Is a Wheel Alignment Necessary After an Accident?

Do You Need a Wheel Alignment After an Accident? The What Wheel alignment is the relationship of your vehicle’s wheels to one another as well as to the auto body itself. Specifically, alignment refers to the angles of these components to one another. These key suspension angles are camber, caster, toe, and thrust. Maintaining these […]

Steering Wrangle or Proper Thrust Angle?

What’s The Angle? You’ve heard of somebody presenting information with an “angle.” That implies that there’s a hidden agenda. At Dynamic Automotive in Libertytown, Maryland, we don’t have an angle. We simply want to help you understand the thrust angle. If your vehicle’s thrust angle is not correct, your auto may handle (steer and corner) […]

The Not-So-Fun Hokey Pokey: Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Wheel Alignment

Why You Need Wheel Alignment You’ve likely heard the term wheel alignment on multiple occasions, but perhaps you’re wondering exactly why your vehicle needs one. Wheel alignment is a descriptor of the major suspension angles. If they’re out of the manufacturer’s allowable tolerances, your auto’s steering and handling will be impacted. If you can’t control […]

Set Your Car Straight with a Wheel Alignment

Maryland’s Wheel Alignment Experts Wheel Alignment Services in Central Maryland: What You Need to Know Wheel alignments are an essential maintenance service for any car. A properly aligned vehicle has better handling and will vastly extend the life of its tires. When your car is out of alignment, it can cause damage and even put […]

Who Should Care About Wheel Alignment? You Should.

Addressing the Issue Many drivers think about purchasing new tires, changing the oil, or even getting a new paint job. Some, however, rarely think about getting a wheel alignment performed on their vehicles. If your car is out of proper alignment, you must address the issue as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up […]