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Steering Wrangle or Proper Thrust Angle?

What’s The Angle?

You've heard of somebody presenting information with an "angle." That implies that there's a hidden agenda. At Dynamic Automotive in Libertytown, Maryland, we don't have an angle. We simply want to help you understand the thrust angle. If your vehicle's thrust angle is not correct, your auto may handle (steer and corner) poorly. That could prevent you from having adequate control of your car, putting you at risk. Furthermore, left unattended, improper thrust angle can stress other vehicle components, causing them to wear more quickly. That can be costly. Before that happens, entrust your vehicle to us for all your wheel alignment needs.

Wheel Alignment Review

Suspension or wheel alignment is a measure of the relationship between an automobile, the wheels, and the axles to each other. Accurate alignment helps your car perform as it should, and it enables you to maximize driver control. That's because your tires are better connected to the road. Also, proper alignment angles protect your auto by preventing unnecessary wear on other vehicle components. The kind of alignment you need hinges on the type of vehicle you drive and/or the specific issues you're experiencing (if any). Major suspension angles to be adjusted during a wheel alignment include camber (the amount of left or right tilt when the car is the view from the front), toe (the difference in distance between the front and back of the front tires), toe (the difference in distance between the front and back of the front tires), and thrust (the relationship of the front wheels to the rear axle).

Steering Thrust Angle Explained

More exactly, the steering thrust angle is the measurement comparison of the vehicle’s centerline to the rear axle. The angle should be perpendicular if it's correct. That will enable the front and rear axles to be parallel. The distance from the front to the rear tire (wheelbase) will be the same on each side of the auto. To grasp the concept, think about a sheet cake you might make using a rectangular baking pan. Your cake will be perfect with parallel sides measuring equally unless someone slams the pan in a drawer and skews such that the corners (which are angles) are no longer square. If that happens, your cake will not have an expected or pleasing appearance. Now imagine that being your car. Function, not appearance, becomes the problem.

Help with Your Wheel Alignment

Now that you better understand thrust angle, you can see why it's so important to how well your auto works. Additionally, keeping your vehicle's angles accurately aligned helps protect you from more extensive repairs and damages. You can trust the local shop with years of experience, Dynamic Automotive, for all your wheel alignment needs.

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