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Is a Wheel Alignment Necessary After an Accident?

Do You Need a Wheel Alignment After an Accident?

The What

Wheel alignment is the relationship of your vehicle's wheels to one another as well as to the auto body itself. Specifically, alignment refers to the angles of these components to one another. These key suspension angles are camber, caster, toe, and thrust. Maintaining these proper relationships helps ensure that your automobile operates as safely, efficiently, and comfortably as possible. Dynamic Automotive in Libertytown, Maryland, can assist you with wheel alignment and all other related suspension and tire repair needs.

The Why

Proper wheel alignment protects your vehicle and you. That's because the suspension angles impact steering and handling--particularly on curves and turns--as well as the longevity and wear of the suspension components and tires. Poor alignment causes the tires to spend less time connected to the road, reducing traction and increasing your risk of a skid. Also, it places additional stress on suspension components, causing them to wear out sooner than they otherwise likely would. Further, it leads to an uneven tread wear pattern, creating bald spots that necessitate tire replacement sooner than you planned. Now that you know what poor wheel alignment causes, it's important to know that an accident--sometimes even no more than a fender bender, pothole dive, or curb encounter--can skew your car's suspension angles. While many drivers are quick to notice body damage, such as dented sheet metal or a crushed bumper, it's easy to forget about the potential damage you can't see, such as wheel misalignment. An accident should prompt you to have our ASE-certified technicians check out your automobile and make suspension adjustments as needed.

The Where

Nowhere is wheel alignment easier than at your neighborhood Dynamic Automotive. We've been serving our community since 1995. What's more, we're small enough to know you yet large enough to offer comprehensive services. We not only perform wheel alignments, but we can also take care of all the possibilities associated with mechanical repairs to the suspension system and tires. Most repairs are covered by our great three-year/36,000-mile warranty.

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