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Engine Problems and Their Cause

Why Is Your Check Engine Light On Now? Your Check Engine Light Can Mean Many Things Common Engine Problems There are many reasons your check engine light might illuminate your dashboard. There are many common engine problems you might be experiencing that might lead you to the cause of your check engine light being on. […]

Could Your Vehicle’s Check Engine Light be Signaling Engine Misfire?

Generally Speaking Modern cars (1996 to present) sold in the United States must be equipped with a universal system. Generally speaking, your vehicle’s check engine light is there to let you know that your auto needs mechanical attention. It alerts you to problems and points toward needed repairs that impact air quality. When you entrust […]

The Catalytic Converter and Your Car’s Check Engine Light

Let’s Talk Conversion New vehicles sold in the US since 1975 almost always include a catalytic converter as part of the exhaust system. It sounds complicated, but it’s actually simpler than you might think. Breaking down the term can help. Think of it this way. A catalyst is a chemical term for something that accelerates […]

Deciphering the Check Engine Light

One Light, Many Causes If your check engine light has come on, perhaps you’re concerned as to what exactly has triggered it. That’s understandable. Although some dashboard lights point to a single problem (the oil light or the temperature gauge, for instance), the check engine light can indicate a wide variety of issues. However, the […]

How The Source of the Check Engine Light Is Diagnosed

Nobody Likes the Light Nobody wants to see the check engine light come on. In the case of the check engine light (as opposed to some more specific indicators), various issues might be the cause. Therefore, perhaps you’re wondering how the source of the problem can be diagnosed. That’s a valid question, and we’re glad […]