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Could Your Vehicle’s Check Engine Light be Signaling Engine Misfire?

Generally Speaking

Modern cars (1996 to present) sold in the United States must be equipped with a universal system. Generally speaking, your vehicle's check engine light is there to let you know that your auto needs mechanical attention. It alerts you to problems and points toward needed repairs that impact air quality. When you entrust your transportation to Dynamic Automotive in Urbana, Maryland, you feel confident that our ASE-certified technicians can diagnose and repair the underlying cause of the check engine warning.

The Specific Combination

We'll need to check your automobile using our professional diagnostic equipment and apply our expertise if your car's engine malfunction indicator lamp is on. However, when it's illuminated with you experiencing your car shaking, you are likely noticing an engine misfire. If this is true, your vehicle has a problem, but it's also generating excess emissions. An internal combustion engine is designed to produce energy through small, controlled explosions. This relies on an exact combination of fuel and air and a spark and compression in the cylinder. If anything in this balance is off, combustion efficiency decreases. If the process is incomplete or doesn't occur in a cylinder, that failure is called a misfire. In the worst cases, occupants will feel the engine shaking. Even though the misfire result is the same, multiple factors can lead to the interruption of proper combustion. These include faulty sensors (oxygen, mass air flow, crankshaft), dilapidated spark plugs, disintegrated wiring, a vacuum leak, a failed timing mechanism, or an ailing EGR valve.

Check Engine Light Diagnostics for Any Problem

Whether an engine misfire or another trigger has caused your car's check engine light to illuminate, Dynamic Automotive offers accurate diagnostics for any problem. Using our 20-plus years in business and a universal trouble code from our OBD-II reader, we'll pinpoint the trouble and repair it once you've authorized the work. You can drive confidently knowing that the problem is fixed, the repairs are covered by a superior warranty, and the shop you chose is reputable (winning many local and national awards).

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