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Engine Problems and Their Cause

Why Is Your Check Engine Light On Now?

Your Check Engine Light Can Mean Many Things

Common Engine Problems

There are many reasons your check engine light might illuminate your dashboard. There are many common engine problems you might be experiencing that might lead you to the cause of your check engine light being on. For example, your engine may be misfiring. If so, you may have faulty or failing spark plugs. Problems with your spark plugs can cause a check engine light illumination. A malfunctioning oxygen sensor is another common engine problem that can be connected to an illuminated check engine light. This engine problem can also make your vehicle fail an emissions test.

Is Your Check Engine Light Steady or Flashing?

The state of your check engine light indicates the severity of the issue behind the illumination. For example, if your check engine light is flashing, that’s your car’s way of saying, “This is a serious problem. We need help.” If your check engine light is flashing, you should stop the car as soon as possible and get a tow to a certified repair and diagnostic shop like Dynamic Automotive in Emmitsburg, MD. A steady-lit check engine light is a little less dire. You have time to drive your vehicle to your repair shop of choice. In addition to the sources of an illuminated check engine light noted above, you might also want to check your gas cap. A missing or misseated gas cap can be why your check engine light comes on. If it is the source of the light, reseating or replacing your gas cap can resolve the issue.

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Whether you’ve noticed signs of engine trouble or you’re mystified by the illuminated check engine light on your dashboard, bringing your vehicle to the certified technician team at Dynamic Automotive in Emmitsburg, MD, should be your first step toward getting your vehicle back into top running shape. Call them to make an appointment for an inspection, diagnosis, and repair recommendations. Or, if you prefer to speak with the team in person, you can stop by the shop and ask our customer service advisors for their advice on getting your vehicle repaired.

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