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What is ABS?

What Is ABS And Why Do You Need It? How ABS Keeps You Safe on the Road What is ABS? For some drivers, there’s a memory of learning to drive in snow and icy conditions where our driving teacher or parent reminded us to pump the brakes rather than slam them because if you didn’t, […]

A Basic Braking Question: How Long Do Brakes Last?

The “Once Over” You’ve probably heard a quick review of something referenced as a “once over.” At Dynamic Automotive in Libertytown, Maryland, we’re happy to give our customers a once-over of how brakes work because many find this helpful in better understanding brake repair. When you press the pedal, a lever and piston apply force, […]

What to Do if Your Parking Brake is Stuck

You Only Need It When You Need It Clearly, you need your vehicle’s parking brake. When you leave your auto unattended, it provides you with another measure of security that your car isn’t going to roll. Should you experience a brake failure emergency, slowly engaging the parking brake may be your only means for stopping […]