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What is ABS?

What Is ABS And Why Do You Need It?

How ABS Keeps You Safe on the Road

What is ABS?

For some drivers, there’s a memory of learning to drive in snow and icy conditions where our driving teacher or parent reminded us to pump the brakes rather than slam them because if you didn’t, the wheels would lock up, you’d skid, and you’d crash. While the advice was good at the time, it’s outdated now thanks to Anti-Lock Brake Systems (ABS) installed on more modern vehicles. Rather than forgetting to pump the brakes in stressful driving situations, ABS will pump them for you and help keep your wheels from locking up as you attempt to stop. ABS allows you to steer through an emergency on the road, maintaining better vehicle control.

How Does it Work?

Using sensors on the wheels, ABS senses when the wheels begin to lock up when you press the brake pedal. The system then pulses or pumps the brakes for you, giving you time and opportunity to steer through the sudden braking situation you’ve found yourself in. Sometimes, you may feel the brake pedal vibrate or pulse, but that’s normal, and you should maintain steady pressure on your brake pedal. For ABS to work, you must keep your tires properly inflated and in good shape. ABS failures are often rooted in dust, dirt, and debris in the brake fluid or worn brake pads. To keep your ABS in top working order, take your vehicle to a certified brake repair shop, like Dynamic Automotive in Libertytown, MD, for regular brake system inspections.

Let Us Help Keep You Safe

The team at Dynamic Automotive is here for you when you need brake repairs. Whether you’re hearing squealing and grinding while braking or your ABS warning light has come on, our certified technicians are here to inspect, diagnose and repair any issues with your brake system, including ABS. Call us today to make an appointment to have your brakes inspected and repaired. Or, if you’re in Libertytown, stop by the shop to speak to our customer service advisors and technicians in person.

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