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Check Engine Light Diagnostics in Mount Airy, MD

Trust Dynamic Automotive With Your CEL

Trustworthy Diagnostics

Is your vehicle’s check engine light illuminated on the dashboard? Don’t ignore it! At Dynamic Automotive in Mount Airy, MD, our ASE-certified technicians and state-of-the-art equipment will ensure your vehicle receives the best care possible. The first thing to know is what the check engine light is and what it does. The check engine light is a warning that activates when the car’s onboard computer detects an engine or emissions system issue. Your CEL can illuminate for many reasons. A flickering engine light, however, indicates a serious issue and should be checked as soon as possible. If it’s glowing steadily, we encourage you to bring your car in immediately to avoid bigger and more severe problems. We prioritize quality over speed, so every service and repair includes a full Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI) to detect potential issues early on. Our thoroughness means that your vehicle will leave our shop in optimal condition.

Why is Your CEL Illuminated

The yellow-orange, engine-shaped icon on your dashboard specifically notifies you of a problem with your vehicle’s computer system, monitored by the second-generation onboard diagnostics (OBD2 or OBD-II). If a problem is detected, its respective trouble code is sent to the system’s memory and stored there. The check engine light proceeds to illuminate. When you bring your vehicle to Dynamic Automotive, our technicians use advanced diagnostic equipment to decipher the code and begin the inspection process to diagnose and rectify the problem. Here are some common reasons why the engine light may come on:

  • Oxygen sensor failure
  • Mass airflow sensor failure
  • Vacuum leak
  • Catalytic converter failure
  • Spark plug or ignition coil complications
  • Emissions purge control valve damage
  • Faulty wiring

Regardless of the reasons behind your CEL, Dynamic Automotive has all the right knowledge and tools to solve the problem no matter what make or model you drive.

Choose Dynamic Automotive

Once our team has diagnosed the reason for your check engine light illumination, we will discuss the repair process with you. At Dynamic Automotive, we are always transparent with our customers. We will only provide the best course of action for your services and repairs. If it’s a more involved repair, we provide free shuttle service, loaner cars, and status updates through text or email to keep you informed as we work on your vehicle. We also offer auto financing to help you out in a pinch. As a recipient of multiple “Best of the Best” and Auto Care Association awards, we are proud to be your trusted right hand regarding all your auto needs. Don’t let your check engine light go unattended. Stop by and see us today at 1006 Rising Ridge Road Mount Airy, MD 21771 or contact us at (301) 829-6100 to schedule an appointment.