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Turn Signal is Not Working

The Trouble with the Turn Signal

Has Your Turn Signal Turned on You?

Although it may seem like a tiny, thankless component, your vehicle's turn signal is actually a very important safety item. It makes your car more visible to other drivers and shows them your intentions for movement. Typically, a turn signal blinks time after time, day after day. You don't have to think twice about it. However, when yours no longer works, it may feel like your turn signal has turned on you. It hasn't. You need a bit of auto repair from Dynamic Automotive in Libertytown, Maryland, to get your turn signal going again.

Potential Issues and Repairs

Perhaps you're wondering what can go wrong with your automobile's turn signal and how it can be remedied. An obvious clue about turn signal trouble is failure to blink. This is evident from the outside, but you'll notice it in the cabin, too. The interior indicator won't blink (or in some older models, it may seem to blink extremely rapidly). Another difference you might notice is a dimming signal (one where the bulb is not as bright as it once was). Further, even if you haven't paid attention to either of these signs, you may notice that other drivers (multiple people and repeatedly) don't seem to recognize your driving intentions. Maybe your turn signals aren't visible to them. Finally, if a turn signal is broken, your hazard lights (flashers) aren't functional as intended either. Most often, the solution for any of these problems is a new bulb. However, it is also possible that your car could need a replacement fuse, a new wire, and other new components.

Turn Signal and Other Auto Repair Near You

Whether your vehicle's turn signal is ailing or you need another auto repair, count on the team of ASE-certified technicians at Dynamic Automotive. In business since 1995, we've earned a solid reputation for integrity and quality of work. Ask about our warranty, too, as most repairs are covered by an amazing three-year/36,000-mile warranty. We may even be able to help you save a few dollars on the preventive services or repairs you need, so be sure to check out our Specials tab.

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