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Tire Care Tips

Tires Matter

Some drivers forget about their tires or are not intentional about taking care of them. As long as the vehicle operates, they take the tires for granted. In reality, tires matter. They play a huge role in your safety, and they account for a portion of your transportation budget. At Dynamic Automotive in Urbana, Maryland, we sell new tires. Still, we also want to help you take care of the ones you already have. Therefore, we're glad to provide tire care tips and all the related tire services you'll need.

Tire Care Tips for Motorists

Over the course of miles and years, every vehicle will need new tires to remain operable. Although you may take your tires for granted, following a few good rules of thumb will help keep you safe and extend the usable life of your treads. For example, one of the simplest things you can ensure accurate air pressure. The tire sustains undue wear along the tread edge and sidewall if the psi is too low. It can even overheat and blow out.

On the other hand, too much air pressure causes premature wear in the middle of the tread pattern. Follow the recommended guidance on the sticker in the driver's door jamb (and owner's manual). Also, you should have your tires rotated and balanced on a selected schedule by mileage. This also helps prevent premature wear of the front tires and uneven wear. Let us keep an eye on your tread depth, too. If the tread depth is less than 2/32", it's no longer safe to use the tires. Talk to us about safe tire repair if you have a leak or flat. We'll tell you honestly whether or not it's advisable to attempt a repair. This depends on the tire's condition, where the inclusion is located, and how large the injury is, among other factors. The speed rating guarantee may also come into play if you have high-performance tires.

Convenient, Reliable Tire Services

Whether you need tire services such as rotation and balancing, repair, or a pressure check, the ASE-certified technicians at Dynamic Automotive are here for you. We also perform related services such as wheel alignments and suspension repairs. When it is time for a new set of tires, we can assist you with choosing the right set for your car because we sell tires. That makes us the most convenient and reliable comprehensive tire service shop for you.

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