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The Parts of a Tire

There are Parts?

Most drivers tend to think of a tire as a single unit. After all, tires are tires. A tire has various parts with specific functions. The ASE-certified technicians at Dynamic Automotive in Emmitsburg, Maryland, are happy to share information about the parts of a tire and help you take great care of yours. Learn more about the individual parts of the hardworking whole. You can count on us when it's time for reliable tire services.

A Parts Primer

The next time you look at the single entity known as a tire, make a closer observation of the different surfaces you can see and think about the interior elements you can't. Each one serves a specific function, ensuring that your tire is as reliable as possible and that you can travel safely. The outer pattern that you can see is called the tread. It's the part that directly touches the paved road surface, creating traction. Although tread designs vary, each is created in a way that will maximize grip and minimize the risk of hydroplaning on a wet surface. As it sounds, the sidewall is the side of the tire. It covers the interior cords and also bears important information about the tire. The belts and cords (usually steel) provide structure and support. The inner liner functions somewhat like the old-fashioned inner tubes in that it's responsible for retaining air. However, the tube is obsolete because air is held in by beads (metal twined into a rubber band) and bead filler (rubber compound). Finally, the cord body (usually made of polyester and coated with rubber to form cord piles) adds strength and transfers force to the tread pattern during turns.

Your Local Partner for Tire Services

In addition to educating you on tire configuration and construction, the team at Dynamic Automotive is your local partner for tire services. Whether you need a tire repair or a preventive technique such as rotation and balancing, you can rely on us. Also, we make related repairs such as suspension work and wheel alignment. Should you need to purchase a new set, we also sell tires. That makes us your full tire service team.

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