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Tell-Tale Tire Wear

Monitoring Matters

One of the most important things you can do to protect your tire investment is to keep them monitored. That's because noticing signs of uneven or unexpected wear early enough may allow you an opportunity for corrective action. Otherwise, you're likely to find yourself having to purchase new tires sooner than planned and simultaneously fixing the underlying issue. The ASE-certified technicians at Dynamic Automotive in Frederick, Maryland, can assist you with keeping an eye on your tires through routine tire services and visits. We're also here to help you if a problem is indeed discovered. And, of course, when it is time for a new set, we sell tires, too.

The Tales Tires Tell

When our professionals look at your tires, the wear patterns we see often tell us what's going on with your vehicle. For instance, if the inner or edges of your tires are wearing sooner than other areas, we suspect that poor wheel alignment, failure to rotate the tires, or ailing suspension components could be the culprit. If both those edges are worn, you're probably operating with less than the recommended air pressure (psi). Representing the opposite problem, extra wear in the center of the tread pattern results from operating with overinflated tires over the long term. Feathering, wearing one side of the tread blocks closest to the tire's sidewall, often points to several adjustments being off. Finally, heel or toe wear, where either the fronts or backs of tread blocks are worn more than the other, is also an indicator of a particular misalignment condition.

Correction or Replacement

When you bring your vehicle to Dynamic Automotive for routine tire services or at the first sign of trouble, our technicians will honestly assess whether there is an adjustment that they can make to help your tires wear differently so that the pattern evens out. We can help you get the right set if the tires must be replaced. We can also make those underlying related repairs to wheel alignment, suspension, etc. Even better, our repair work is covered by a superior 36-month/36,000-mile warranty.

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