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Road Hazards for Your Tires

Avoiding Road Hazards that Can Ruin Your Tires

Let's Start with Good Maintenance

Clearly, every driver wants to avoid road hazards that can damage tires. But did you know that minimizing damage along the road actually begins with a solid plan for tire maintenance? For example, make sure you're operating at the manufacturer's recommended air pressure (psi) at all times. This prevents your tires from overheating, making the sidewall rubber more vulnerable. Also, never operate on balding tires. The minimum safe tread depth is 2/32". Less than this impedes traction as well as makes your tires more susceptible to punctures. While not specifically related to road debris, scheduled rotation and balancing are recommended, too, to keep your tires wearing evenly and performing satisfactorily. Even wear will help you avoid excessive wear in some spots, areas that could become easier targets for foreign objects on the road's surface. You can't avoid everything, but obtaining tire services from Dynamic Automotive in Emmitsburg, Maryland, will assist in keeping your tires in prime condition for self-preservation.

Continue by Being Vigilant

Once you've ensured that your tires are as good as they can be, be vigilant as you travel. Scan the road's surface for debris left behind from other drivers' troubles (i.e., plastic or fragments from lights or bumpers) in the wake of a fender bender). Such post-crash littering can additionally include glass from windshields, windows, and lights. Also, watch for potholes. Hitting a bad hole at full speed can ruin your wheel alignment, bend a wheel, damage suspension components, and maybe even burst a tire. Further, watch for natural debris as you drive, particularly during or right after a storm. Fallen trees and broken branches can make a mess of tires. Finally, to the extent possible, look out for scraps lost from loads. These items can include nails or screws from cleaning a construction site to metal lost while hauling scrap metal to a salvage yard. A direct hit can cause anything from a small puncture to a catastrophic blowout.

Always Partner with a Reputable Tire Service Provider

Whether you desire preventive maintenance, need minor damage repair, or want tire replacement, count on Dynamic Automotive for tire services. Our knowledgeable staff will help you keep your treads in their best condition. What's more, we'll tell you honestly whether the damage can be safely repaired or if a replacement is recommended. Since 1995, our ASE-certified technicians have been providing reputable tire services for our neighbors.

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