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Overcoming the Panic of Your Car not Starting

Never Good Timing

There's never a good time for your vehicle to fail to start, but one of life's dirty little tricks is that this always seems to happen to most people at the worst possible time. When the car doesn't start, it even rises to the level of panic for some drivers. Although we can't control time and personal circumstances, the ASE-certified technicians at Dynamic Automotive in New Market, Maryland, can help you overcome this situation if you find yourself in it.

A Few Self-Checks and Questions

Often you can prevent yourself from being stranded by bringing your automobile to us for routine preventive maintenance services as scheduled. This will allow us to help you head off some of the most common issues that account for failed starts. It will also help you keep your vehicle in better overall condition for the long haul. Making known needed minor repairs promptly will also assist with the prevention of significant issues. Should you suddenly find yourself with a car that unexpectedly won't start, however, there are some things to check. Ask yourself if you remembered to bring the key fob with you and how old that piece (specifically, its battery) is. Many modern vehicles start via push-button ignition, but that doesn't work unless you have a corresponding functional transmitter. It will need to be in the car and have a sufficiently powered battery. If there is a clicking sound or no noise at all when you attempt to crank the vehicle, you can check for a loose battery cable if you're comfortable doing so. (If not, that's okay, too.)

Ask yourself if the vehicle's battery is old or if you might have left something turned on that drained the charge. Some motorists are also comfortable checking the charge of their car's battery. Others aren't.

Leave It to Us

The Dynamic Automotive team is always glad to attend to battery cables, strength checks, and battery replacements for you. Further, we can assist you with other, more significant problems. These could include a faulty ignition switch, starter (relay or motor), wiring, or transmission safety (park/neutral) switch. Although these issues sound large to most drivers, they're all things we're trained and equipped to remedy. Therefore, count on us to have your car starting again with ease.

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