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Help, Low Oil Light

Low Oil Light? What's the Trouble?

It's There to Help

Even though no driver wants to see the low oil light illuminate the dashboard, it's actually there to help you. Your automobile's engine needs lubricant to prevent friction from ruining the moving metal parts. Motor oil also helps absorb some of the heat the power plant generates as well as grasps and holds dirt. If the oil pressure or level is insufficient, the lubricant can't do its job of protecting your car. The light is there to let you know before your engine sustains damaged or fails. If your low oil light comes on, let Dynamic Automotive in New Market, Maryland, help you. Our ASE-certified technicians can identify and correct the underlying cause, and you can rely on us for all your oil change and related service needs.

Potential Low Oil Light Triggers

You can count on us to accurately diagnose the source of your low oil warning, but in the meantime, we're glad to share a few of the more common triggers. Obviously, a lack of lubricant--as the name of the light suggests--is an issue. If your engine doesn't have enough oil, we'll need to check for leaks that may be allowing the fluid to escape. Also, your vehicle may have the wrong oil. Yes, there are different thicknesses and viscosities. Your owner's manual will provide the manufacturer's recommendation. A clogged oil filter can also spell trouble. If enough oil can't flow through, your engine starves for lubricant, causing the warning. Similarly, a bad oil pump can prevent a sufficient oil flow. Finally, it is indeed possible for the oil level and pressure to be fine, yet the warning light illuminates if the oil pressure sensor fails.

Help with the Light and all Oil Change Related Needs

Whether your low oil level warning is on or you simply need routine preventive maintenance services, Dynamic Automotive is your local shop for all oil changes and related needs. We've been in business since 1995, developing a solid reputation for auto repair and as a community partner. We look forward to serving you just as we've been assisting your neighbors through the years.

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